Sunday, October 30, 2016

Viva Las Vegas

I've been to Vegas once, and that was over 20 years ago! My husband has never been. When our friends asked if we wanted to bowl in a tournament, we were totally excited! Not so much for "Vegas," but for us to have another little getaway!!

So, off we went on our 7+ hour drive, and it was smooth sailing all the way!!

The ladies! This was the night before the tournament and we just had dinner!
 photo IMG_6165.jpg

The "guys!"
 photo IMG_6175.jpg

I'm so glad our friend told us to bet on the sidepot! My husband won $$ for a handicap game! He bowled a 246, and with his handicap, it totaled 291!
 photo IMG_6197.jpg

After the tournament, we had lunch, freshened up at our room, and then we all headed to the Bellagio for dinner!
 photo IMG_6192.jpg

Our friend made reservations for us for the Chef Table at at the Bellagio, and we were all thrilled! It is a buffet, but being at the chef table, the chef himself comes out and serves us a four course dinner. We literally didn't eat food from the regular buffet (except for extra dessert) because we were so full! Totally worth the money!

First appetizers. They were delicious!
  photo IMG_6203.jpg

Delicious crab legs.
 photo IMG_6205.jpg

 photo IMG_6204.jpg

Cheese and olive platter.
 photo IMG_6206.jpg

Our chef getting ready to plate the salad!
 photo IMG_6220.jpg

The main event right here!
  photo IMG_6208.jpg

The prime rib was on point!
 photo IMG_6210.jpg

Desserts we grabbed! So good!
  photo IMG_6211.jpg

The fondue platter. We were so stuffed by then!
 photo IMG_6215.jpg

Both dark & white chocolate.
 photo IMG_6219.jpg

Special picture that was taken of our group.
 photo IMG_6221.jpg

And the morning we left back home!
 photo IMG_6226.jpg

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