Friday, October 31, 2008


The kids had a great time at the Harvest Festival at our church! Plus, Veronica was also excited to have two tables set up for her birthday! Oh my word, we were in Party City for two hours today!!!! I know, my bad, for trying to look for costumes the day of (lol), but the kids got what they wanted and they were happy! My two younger boys went as Prince Caspian and King Peter from Narnia, Miranda went as a "gangsta", and Veronica wanted to wear her Princess dress that she wore for the father daughter princess ball! I took video with my camera when they started to sing Happy Birthday to her. It is too cute! I really need a new camera though because it does not take good pictures at all when the lighting is dim..ugh!

King Peter & Princess Veronica
Prince Caspian & King Peter
Birthday Girl
One of the tables I decorated
The other table next to it
There's my other daughter behind the b-day girl

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Where does all the time go? I remember when she was just a wee one. I could not put her down for anything. Not because she didn't want me to, but because I didn't want to! Surprisingly, she didn't end up being clingy. She's the total opposite, but she is definitely a "mommy's girl." I remember when the ultrasound tech told me I was having a girl, I was so overwhelmed with joy. My oldest daughter was only 6 at the time, but I didn't get to really baby her when she was born because my eldest son was still a baby, only 10 1/2 months old! So, it was like I had twins!! Then I had two more boys after her, so you can imagine how I felt having another girl! I totally expected to have another boy, and I still remember feeling excited just thinking "what if" I was having a girl! Veronica is such a girly girl, but she can still keep up with the older kids! When she was about 1 1/2 years old, I could not, not have matching bows with every outfit she had on! It was her "signature" look. I know that sounds totally corny, but any moms out there who are obsessed with bows, you know what I'm talking about! Well, I knew that that would only last a few years, and sure enough now, she likes to wear her hair down with just one clippy in it! I can go on and on about her because I just adore her to pieces, but I assume you can pick up on that already!

Our plans for tomorrow? Harvest festival at church, and I'm going to surprise her by having a couple of tables decorated in the cafe, all decked out in a Princess theme! She will be so thrilled! I am picking up a cake, and they're going to announce "Happy Birthday" to her! And yes, I will be going picture crazy! Look out for those on Saturday!

My lil' Asian baby

The "pre-bow" stage

Now in the "bow stage"
One of my favorite shots of herWe've moved on to hair flowers!

Our new obsessionThe last time she wore bows..4th of July 2008
My Princess


This week, I want to share how thankful I am for being a stay at home mom. Not many women get to stay home with their children (or maybe not even want to). Some people can't imagine being at home ALL DAY with five children, but I can't imaging being home ALL DAY without them. Of course, there are days that I want to pull my hair out, or send them to their rooms, and even contemplate about registering them at the closest school! BUT, and that's a big but...I know that God has put me in this position for a reason. It's not because I think I'm more patient than other people (because my kids will tell you that my patience runs low on some days), or that I'm super organized and can "handle it all." It's the total opposite! I know that I can't do it on my own. I need the Lord all the time. On the days where things are going according to plan, I'm so thankful, and on the days where I'm ready to run out of the house, I'm even more thankful! Sounds weird, huh? Now that my two older children are pretty much in their pre-teen years, I see how important it is to keep a watchful eye on things or people that are in their lives. What an awesome privilege I have to be with hours a day! Yah, that sounded funny just typing it! I'm extremely thankful that the Lord has been providing a way for us to be a one income family for 10 years now! Now, you know that's totally God! My husband loves that I can be home with the kids, and I'm so thankful that he would do anything to keep it that way!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My girls: May 2005
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My youngest daughter's birthday is this Friday (yes, the 31st). I can't believe she will be turning 5 years old already!! Since my mom is working that day, she won't be able to see her, so she took us all out to lunch to celebrate her birthday with her in advance! Veronica picked to eat at (none other than) Macaroni Grill. That is my kids favorite restaurant. They love the bread with the olive oil! Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the clan this afternoon!! I would have posted more, but the other ones didn't come out too great.

Mama (grandma) & the grandkids

Veronica & Eli

On our way out!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so happy and excited, I could just scream! Shauna (see her link on the left sidebar) gave me bloglift and I couldn't be happier!!!!! She even cleaned up how I had things organized, and I think it looks great!!!!!!!! I love all the colors, and it makes me feel like posting more!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAUNA!!! If you ever want an original layout, I highly recommend HER!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I knew I should have brought my camera today! Last week, our friends from church decided to put a bbq together today, after service. There is a building across the street that our church owns, and there is a volleyball court on the grassy area. It's literally like being at a park because it's practically all grass and tons of shade! There was tons of food, and lots of us there! I'm so glad I didn't have to drive home after church and then come back for the evening service. We all just had to go right back across the street! I took only one picture with my cell phone (which is of Veronica & two other girls drying off in the sun). The kids had water balloons and got soaking wet. We kept telling them to stand in the It was so fun watching everyone play volleyball, too!! I'm glad we still have 80+ degree temperature in October! It was a great day of fellowship, fun, food, and more food!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Warren's Memorial

Today was our friends memorial, and if I had to sum it up in one word to say how this day went, it would be "perfect." I believe if Warren had to choose how his memorial would be, this would definitely exceed his expectations. He gave 20+ years to Childrens Ministry. Not just at our church, but other churches as well. When you think of him, you can't help but smile because he was one of those people who not only talked the talk, but walked THE walk. He was always ready to encourage you, and never took the credit for himself. He will be missed by so many people! We know he's at where we long to be, and we know we will see our brother soon!!!!!

Warren also LOVED singing praise & worship music. His daughter sang his favorite song "With Him" and I don't think there was a dry eye in the sanctuary. He would be so blessed to see his daughter leading worship with his favorite song! I attached a video of the last song the worship team played. His daughter is the girl in the front. My hubby is on the far right playing the congas!

Friday, October 24, 2008


My friend Marlene and her daughter "J" have started to come visit us on Thursday's befoour hre "J's" piano class (which is close to our home). It's been great spending time with her and laughing our heads off! Her daughter and Veronica are the same age, and it's so cute to watch them play because they are both girly girls!! Here they are, cheezin' it!! Veronica looks bigger than her in the picture,but that's because she is sitting on the arm rest. I'm glad they get to see each other on the weekday besides just Sunday's at church.

"J" & Veronica

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm so lovin' this wireless setup!!!!!!!!!!! We are not all sharing one computer anymore, and the kids don't have to wait on anyone else to do any of their tests! Better yet, my husband and I don't have to wait for the other person to get off the computer to check our Facebook page (technically I don't, because I have the FB application on my Blackberry)! Yah, he won't admit it, but he loves checking his updates too! I do have to get used to this computer since I've been using my Apple for the last few years! I'm not used to the left & right clicks! I'm also getting a new blog "facelift" by Shauna and I'm so excited for the finished layout! I will love knowing that there is no one else in "blog land" that is going to have a page like mine!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The bible study was awesome tonight! We're beginning to study the book of Hebrews, and I'm just so excited to grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord. I love that although it was speaking to the Hebrew Christians at that time, it is totally applicable for the Christian today. The study is titled "Consider Jesus", and really, how many times do we look at our situation and think we can handle it alone. We need to keep our eyes focused on Him because we forget to "consider" that He's already been where we're at. He's so faithful, and is always thinking about us. How often are we thinking of Him?


It's a little grainy because my friend took this with her cell phone. I loved it so much that I touched it up as best as I could, and changed it from color to B&W. For more WW, click here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


There's a fellow blogger (angelicagracedesigns) who has totally inspired me to take more (and better) pictures of my children (amongst other things). I love her "eye" and how she captures the beauty of Gods creations! Her camera, by far, is of higher quality, so I do want to invest in a better one, someday. I was a copy cat and took some pictures of trees in our front yard, and of one down the street. I think they came out "okay" for a beginner, but I think I had mentioned before that I would love to take a photography class. All the pictures below have been untouched, and these were taken with my Kodak digital camera.

Can you see our bird feeder?


Yah...good ole, "SELF." That's how I felt last night when my friend asked if I could watch her three youngest kids today. I immediately thought of all my kids schoolwork that they have not completed, and for the work they have yet to do. She told me that she had a couple of other people that could watch them too, so I was like, "Yah, well, if it doesn't work out for them, I don't mind." Really, that was the truth, I didn't mind, but I was still feeling not 100% into it. To make a long story short, I am watching them today because I felt convicted as I was talking to her. You see, my friend is the one planning the memorial for our friends husband who just passed. Today she needs to take her to a few places (one being a cemetery). I was thinking to myself as we were talking on the phone, "Who am I to feel this way when Pat just lost her husband?" My kids not doing all their schoolwork in one day, pales in comparison to what my friend and her children are going through. I'm sure my friend doesn't feel inconvenienced helping Pat, and being there whenever she needs her. This morning, the Lord reminded me about this verse; "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

Monday, October 20, 2008


ooks rI finally got the computer desk in the fireplace room (well, actually hubby did)! It leally good in there, and fits perfectly in front of the window! We will be receiving a second computer and printer soon, and it will go on the left side of the desk. All I need to get is the USB wireless adapter, and we will be good to go!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One On One Time

It was another non-stop Saturday for us again. We originally had plans to go to our friends for dinner, but we had Isaiah's friend with us, and we weren't sure what was going to happen tonight. He is the son of our friend who just went home to be with the Lord. His mom wanted me to kinda keep an eye on him to make sure he was doing okay, and to just watch out for signs that he might want to go home. He and his family are pressing on, and boy, what an encouragement it is to see their family so focused, and totally centered on Jesus! He really does not leave us nor forsake us!

My sister in law asked if she could take all the kids to the movies since we weren't going to our friends for dinner anymore, and there were no other plans of anyone getting together today from church. So, that was a blessing for her to take all of them! It gave me & hubby a chance to go out to dinner ALONE! My husband LOVES Pho (pronounced Phu). It's a Vietnamese soup, and there is a restaurant that he and my eldest son go to frequently. However, that would be my last choice if I had to pick where to go for dinner. Not that I don't like it, but I'm more of a pasta or burger and fries kind of gal. But, I knew he was tired, and was really looking forward to Pho. I told him that I wouldn't mind going. Besides, there's other dishes that I like from there besides the soup. I should have taken a "before" picture, but I wasn't thinking, so I just snapped a quick one when we were almost done with dinner. It was nice to be alone, and not be interrupted by all the kids. I almost forget how nice it is!
Picture of my "after" dinner

Friday, October 17, 2008


Our friend who has been in the hospital the last couple of weeks went home to be with the Lord this morning. His body went through so much, but what a joy to know that his body is now restored and he is sitting at the feet of Jesus. He was one of those men that always had an encouraging word, and my husband & I took tons of advice from him regarding the raising of our children. I just told my husband that I'm so glad that all our kids knew him. He will be missed by many, many people, but we know we will see him day. We love you, Warren.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The first unit in Veronica's Science curriculum is learning about the Five Senses. Each page is dedicated to a particular sense, so today she had to color the "sound" pictures and glue it on that page. She really enjoyed doing this, and I can't wait till it's completed! It was really cute because when she was taking her shower today, she was telling me what senses she was using!! She said, "I'm using my sight because I can see the water. I'm using touch because I can feel it. I'm using sounds because I can hear the water. I'm using taste because I can taste the water, but I can't smell it." I was like, "YOU'RE SO SMART!!!!"

Coloring the pages before she cuts and glues!
"Five Senses"First page, all done!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My eldest daughter loves to take these close up pictures of herself!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My schoolroom is coming together...well, slowly BUT surely! I can't wait to get the couch and air hockey table out of there. The table is coming out this Thursday, and will be replaced by the computer desk we're getting from church! I'm still receiving bits and pieces of all their schoolwork. UPS is practically here on a daily basis! The UPS guy is now my friend. My wireless router will be here on Thursday, and from there, everything will all be set up. Having the extra computer will make such a big difference! We're so busy with school that I hardly have free time during the day. But, that's okay because I know where all our time is going. The kids are learning so much, and I want to keep it interesting for all of them. Even on the hardest, most challenging days, I would not trade it for anything. There are so many mom's that tell me that they couldn't imagine homeschooling their kids, but how would they know unless they tried it? It is definitely a huge commitment, but when you know why it is that you are doing it, there is no second guessing your decision.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Miranda: "Isn't today a holiday? That's what it says on my calendar."

Me: "Yes, it is Columbus Day."

Miranda: "So, we don't have school today, right?"

Me: "No, you do have school."

Miranda: "But, it says it's a holiday."

Me: "Yes, that's true, but, you STILL have school today!"

Now, repeat the same dialogue with Isaiah and Eli! Get real, they just started school last month and they're already looking forward to the holidays! Mind you, I already gave them a vacation day last Friday! I had my phone conference with their teacher this morning, and I felt so encouraged after we hung up. I also found out that one of my friends sister-in-law is also doing this same program with her children! There is so much offered to them (support with work, field trips, etc)! Miranda and Eli are also enjoying their Spanish class as well! It's cute listening to them repeat what they have learned. Well, I'm off...I need to finish school, go to Costco, and pick up my sister in law at the airport! Busy, busy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It was super windy yesterday, so my husband decided to bring one of our kites to Eli's soccer practice. Daniel had a BLAST flying the kite and I'm so happy my husband took pictures of him with his cell phone! I just love Daniel's smile, and this picture totally captures the moment he was in! He said Daniel kept running all over the place with it, and even a couple of teenagers asked if they could have a try. They told my husband they never flew a kite before! I couldn't believe it! I mean, who "hasn't" ever done that? Well, regardless, at least they got to share the fun with a six year old!

Can u see the kite string?


Friday, October 10, 2008


Friday's are always busy for us! Besides the normal routine of home schooling, Eli has soccer practice from 5-6:30, the three little ones have AWANA at 7:45, and we have our home fellowship on the 2nd & 4th Friday's of every month. So, you can imagine how I try to get everything done (cleaning & cooking included) before people start showing up at 7pm! But, really, I think those are the days that I do my best! Go figure!

Oh..and I have a cute story to share. This time it's about my husband! Anyway, if you notice on my blog, I put one word adjectives under my children's names that would best describe their personality. So, with the help of my husband, we chose ones that fit them to a "T." Anyway, I then asked him what I should put for under our picture. His first word was "stuck." I'm like, "What?????" He says, "I don't mean stuck as in a bad way, I mean stuck because we are close that we're stuck together." Now, picture him using his hands too to show how stuck we are. I said (in a matter of factly voice), "Well, I was just thinking of writing 20+ years so it can show that we've been together that long!" So, he's like, "Yah..that's a good one!" Well, he has to leave to go to church to work out, so I get back on the computer and start adding all my cute little one word descriptions! I write ours out, "20+ years", and it just seemed so blah! That could mean 20 years of anything! I start to search my heart while I'm looking at our picture (lol), and I think to myself, "He's my first love!" But, then I think, "Oh no..can't write that because Jesus is my first love now!" So, I decide on "Love Of My Life" which really is the truth. Through all the thick and thin we've been through before we were married, and before we were Christians, I loved him like you wouldn't believe! So, I'm talking out loud while I'm typing it and saying, "Yah, well because you are the love of my life!" As soon as I'm done typing it up, hubby walks through the front door because he wants to know if I've seen his ATM card. I quickly remind him how he had it in his hand yesterday and then put it somewhere! He then asks me to look in the bedroom while he goes back out to the van to double check in there. When I'm done searching, I walk outside to tell him that I didn't find it. He says, "Oh, it was in my backpack in the side pocket." So before he drives off (I promise, I'm getting to the end), I tell him how I changed it from 20 years to...blah, blah, blah (you know the story)...because you are the love of my life. Being the smart aleck that I am, I say, "Well, at least that could apply to my end." Of course he rolls his eyes, and then tells me about the first girl to break his heart. LOL (laughing out loud), he was like, what, 14 years old???? So, we just kinda smirked at each other (teasingly), and as I was walking away and he was driving off, he YELLS out the window, "BUT YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!" Of course, that just confirmed everything!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Am I the only one in "Blogland" that is obsessed with backgrounds? I'm sure I'm not, but I can't imagine anyone else obsessing over it like I do (sometimes)! I'm so glad I have not purchased a custom one yet, but who knows, maybe I will in the future. I've already seen a couple of designers who can totally rock out a page! I just can't seem to make up my mind on just "one." I see so many beautiful layouts that now I don't even know what my own personal style would be! Thank goodness for THE CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOCK who offers their backgrounds for free! I guess that's it....if I actually purchase one, more than likely I will keep it on hre longer!! Hmmmm??

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It's disgusting how much "stuff" can accumulate behind and under the refrigerator!! I wish I had taken "before" pictures before I started cleaning, but I was on a serious mission and I didn't want to stop! It did cross my mind for a second but I just thought, "The heck with it!" I figured I could do another tackle for next week! Anyway..I'm just amazed how things can get "under" the fridge too! I found a plastic spoon, a brochure, part of a train track, magnets, and an Uno card! Go figure! Well, I love looking at the finished product and promise to maintain it more consistently!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I really enjoy serving in the Children's Ministry at our church. Especially the toddler ages! They are just so sweet, cute, and want to know all they can about Jesus!! Since my husband and I no longer serve in AWANA, I am more than happy to help with the kids on Sunday night. So, I took some photos of my daughter and the other two children that were there last night. Our Pastor's wife is the main teacher, and I just assist her in whatever she needs. I love this picture of them just listening attentively to the bible story!!

Veronica, Molly, & Joshua

"Look at all the living things that God created!"

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Talk about the most relaxing Sunday afternoon! Of course it was all rush, rush in the morning getting everyone ready for church, but what a blessing that four of the kids were invited to their friends houses afterward! I'm sure in no time, Veronica will also be doing the same thing!

We got totally blessed again today because one of our friends gave us a brand new scanner! It's so God because just the other day, Gabe was saying that he wished we had a scanner to put post our old pictures on Facebook!! Anyway, I hooked it up today and scanned a couple of pictures already! I know I'll be having fun with it tonight after church! Here are a couple of pictures of my "little rascals" this afternoon!

Danny in the cafe after service

Quick picture of Veronica before we left church

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Like every Saturday, we started our morning out with soccer games. My in-laws are here in town so they were able to see one of the kids games today. We were all so pooped this afternoon, that some of us ended up taking nap. I NEVER take naps, so for me to do so meant I must have been super tired. My friend Carmen was over and she ended up taking a nap at our house too! Tonight we went out to dinner at my in-laws favorite place to eat when they're in California (Burger Pit). Afterward, Gabe took all the kids (minus Veronica) to a birthday party at church for two of Isaiah's friends. I've spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to put a slideshow on here! Geez, talk about a waste of time! LOL. are some shots of dinner tonight!

My mother in law w/ the boys

Miranda & Isaiah
Hubby w/ the girls

Friday, October 3, 2008


I feel like I'm having one of those days where I don't know what the heck I'm doing! Okay..I'm exaggerating just a little bit. My in-laws arrived this morning (they live in Nevada) and we were just planning on hanging out here for the day. Tonight, the little ones have AWANA, my two older kids have the Jr. High Fellowship at our church, and it is also the home fellowship at our friends house. In fact, tonight I am supposed to help out at AWANA. But, as of a few hours ago, plans changed. I'm watching three of my friends kids because she has been at the hospital all day with our friend Pat (her husband is the one in critical condition). Originally, I was going to drop their kids off before I took Miranda to church, but Mary is going to be at the hospital for a few more hours, and I know her husband (who is a Pastor) needs time to study tonight, for Sunday's service. I'm sure it will help him out by having a quiet house. So now, hubby is taking the kids to AWANA, and I'm taking my friends kids home at 8:30. Then, Miranda & I will pick up Isaiah at church. On our way home, I will pick up the little ones at AWANA and then head to the home fellowship. Confused yet? Well, on top of that, I have just been praying and thinking about our friend in the hospital. It's amazing how many people love him. What a blessing to see the body of Christ come together for him!!
Miranda & Sarah
Beka & Veronica