Sunday, October 5, 2008


Talk about the most relaxing Sunday afternoon! Of course it was all rush, rush in the morning getting everyone ready for church, but what a blessing that four of the kids were invited to their friends houses afterward! I'm sure in no time, Veronica will also be doing the same thing!

We got totally blessed again today because one of our friends gave us a brand new scanner! It's so God because just the other day, Gabe was saying that he wished we had a scanner to put post our old pictures on Facebook!! Anyway, I hooked it up today and scanned a couple of pictures already! I know I'll be having fun with it tonight after church! Here are a couple of pictures of my "little rascals" this afternoon!

Danny in the cafe after service

Quick picture of Veronica before we left church

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Barbie said...

Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog! It is nice to 'meet' you. You have a beautiful family! I am looking forward to checking your older posts out.

Have a great week!!