Friday, October 10, 2008


Friday's are always busy for us! Besides the normal routine of home schooling, Eli has soccer practice from 5-6:30, the three little ones have AWANA at 7:45, and we have our home fellowship on the 2nd & 4th Friday's of every month. So, you can imagine how I try to get everything done (cleaning & cooking included) before people start showing up at 7pm! But, really, I think those are the days that I do my best! Go figure!

Oh..and I have a cute story to share. This time it's about my husband! Anyway, if you notice on my blog, I put one word adjectives under my children's names that would best describe their personality. So, with the help of my husband, we chose ones that fit them to a "T." Anyway, I then asked him what I should put for under our picture. His first word was "stuck." I'm like, "What?????" He says, "I don't mean stuck as in a bad way, I mean stuck because we are close that we're stuck together." Now, picture him using his hands too to show how stuck we are. I said (in a matter of factly voice), "Well, I was just thinking of writing 20+ years so it can show that we've been together that long!" So, he's like, "Yah..that's a good one!" Well, he has to leave to go to church to work out, so I get back on the computer and start adding all my cute little one word descriptions! I write ours out, "20+ years", and it just seemed so blah! That could mean 20 years of anything! I start to search my heart while I'm looking at our picture (lol), and I think to myself, "He's my first love!" But, then I think, "Oh no..can't write that because Jesus is my first love now!" So, I decide on "Love Of My Life" which really is the truth. Through all the thick and thin we've been through before we were married, and before we were Christians, I loved him like you wouldn't believe! So, I'm talking out loud while I'm typing it and saying, "Yah, well because you are the love of my life!" As soon as I'm done typing it up, hubby walks through the front door because he wants to know if I've seen his ATM card. I quickly remind him how he had it in his hand yesterday and then put it somewhere! He then asks me to look in the bedroom while he goes back out to the van to double check in there. When I'm done searching, I walk outside to tell him that I didn't find it. He says, "Oh, it was in my backpack in the side pocket." So before he drives off (I promise, I'm getting to the end), I tell him how I changed it from 20 years to...blah, blah, blah (you know the story)...because you are the love of my life. Being the smart aleck that I am, I say, "Well, at least that could apply to my end." Of course he rolls his eyes, and then tells me about the first girl to break his heart. LOL (laughing out loud), he was like, what, 14 years old???? So, we just kinda smirked at each other (teasingly), and as I was walking away and he was driving off, he YELLS out the window, "BUT YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!" Of course, that just confirmed everything!!!!


Angie Seaman said...

Hi there Alicia. Thanks so very much for your comments on my blog recently. I really appreciate your compliments. It means so very much to me. :) And yes, take TONS of photos of your kiddo's. OK? Ha ha! Also, keep in touch. I will too now that I know how to find you. Wink wink! ;)
Hugs, Angie Seaman

Christin said...

I love your story!! Cute way to introduce your familiy!
You know what's funny? In my cell phone, I have my husband in there as "Love of my Life" instead of "Jonathan", lol! He truly is the love of my life! Like you and your hubby, we've been through a lot (in our eyes). We started dating while we were both baby Christians. Boy have we learned a lot on the road together! I am so thankful to have him as my spiritual leader in my life. He has kept me on the path I'm on. God is sooo good!