Friday, March 7, 2014

Flyin' solo for the night...well, not really...

My husband has these Union Meetings the first Tuesday of every month.

That means he won't be home for dinner, and that takes the stress off of me what to cook!

Because you are so easy to please!! A grilled cheese sandwich and some chips would suffice!

Well, it was International Pancake day, and my plan was to take them to Ihop for dinner! If you know my kids, a short stack of pancakes would not satisfy. They would be like, "What else are we getting?" Anyway, long story short, they decided they would rather have Mexican food instead.

We ended up at our go to/favorite Mexican restaurant, and I have to say that it felt super weird being there without my husband! It's like something was totally missing! I know..sounds corny!

Since we were having a great time, I decided to take them to get some froyo! They were totally stoked! It's little moments like that with my kids that I treasure. Hopefully one day they will remember these times, too!

 photo 7a9b4757-8891-4e49-b4df-c07fa8c509de_zps9ac21bb7.jpg

 photo IMG_20140304_190258_zpsb0854140.jpg

 photo 20140304_190428_zps2873b1d1.jpg

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The City By The Bay

I can't believe I am finally updating my blog after ignoring it for MONTHS!!

I really don't want to let it go for too long because my kids enjoy reading it! Now they appreciate all those times I took so many pictures of them. And this was when I was carrying my Nikon around! All I can say is thank God for a good camera on my cell phone!

Okay..I'm just going to start this blog in a random order of events!

I'll start with a little "bay"cation that my husband and I had a few weeks ago. We stayed at the same hotel we did the year prior (which was our very first getaway sans kids)!! So, it was pretty sentimental!

But before we checked in, we stopped by his job site because he wanted to check on a couple of things first. And let me say, the view from that building is awesome! You have AT&T park (home of the San Francisco Giants), and the Bay Bridge in plain sight!

See what I mean!!
 photo 20140215_133544_zpsbe45afb1.jpg

Of course, I had to do the "selfie!"
 photo 20140215_133706_zpse5e1e3b0.jpg

And let me tell ya, I think it's pretty hot to see your husband in "work" mode!
 photo 20140215_133121_zps63402159.jpg

So, when were done there, we ate at Mission Rock Resort. He had the salad, and I had the fish & chips. Delish! My mouth is watering just thinking of it!
 photo 20140215_140235_zps6bea8117.jpg

 photo 20140215_140213_zpsfdd7aa2f.jpg

I'll show you a day & evening view from our hotel room!
 photo 20140215_170732_zpsa425cdf5.jpg

 photo 7fb14918-f829-40cd-9aad-fd98b949df77_zps19cb1b11.jpg

So, we had a simple dinner that night, and walked over to get milkshakes at a little diner! Did I mention that it was smack dab in the middle of the Chinese New Year Parade?! Um, we totally enjoyed the peace & quiet of our hotel room!!

And look how refreshed we are the next morning! Just chillaxing and waiting to check out!
 photo 20140216_084639_zpse78d305a.jpg

Our hotel (Hotel Nikko) was right by Union Square, so we decided to walk over and enjoy the gorgeous weather! After my husband got a few things at Macy's I thought we were done and were going to head home, but he wanted to hang out a little bit longer. Little did I know he had something up his sleeve!!!!

And this was it!!! Tiffany's opened later than everything else, so that is WHY we were just hanging around!
And yes, I had matching nail polish!! I did this a few days later!
 photo IMG_20140224_151504_zps57b74975.jpg

And let me tell ya, I was like, "Wha???????" My husband and I don't normally get each other gifts. Seriously..I am more than content to buy what I need, and same with him. It's not a big deal at all. So, I thought this was so sweet, and so thoughtful of him!! And heck yah...from Tiffany's!! Big points for him! 

So, all in all, it was a wonderful, laid back weekend with my husband!! We are already set for our next getaway this weekend!!!