Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Like A Whole New World!

I never thought I'd see the day when my husband and I could actually just walk out the door and go on a date without having my mom or sister in-law babysit the kids! I mean, it's not like I waited for that day to come. IT JUST HAPPENED! We realized that our older kids were "responsible" enough to watch their siblings if we wanted to go to the movies, or dinner more than a couple of blocks away!!!

What's even better is when we spontaneously decide to go somewhere! We can actually go and do errands together...sans kids! It almost feels like we are back in the dating stage again!

Of course, that doesn't mean we don't talk about the kids, and we are always in communication with them when we're out! And we even miss them after a few I mean, who wouldn't miss these faces?


And we are always thankful to our "big kids" for being so helpful, and willing to babysit. Well, do they even have a choice? Hehe. Hey, if we come home and nothing is broken, or someone isn't crying, then we consider that a bonus!

Here they are at their Spring Play last week. They did so well..and we're so very proud of them! I know....not the best picture, but I was sitting way to the side!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Photo Flashback

I started "Friday Photo Flashback" because I have so many pictures from my PRE-digital camera days. I thought it would be fun to scan them and share them here with you. I'm having so much fun doing this, that I would love for you to join me, too! So dig out the photo albums and put your scanner to good use! Don't forget to link up so we can all visit and comment on each others blogs!

Okay...I know that I've been slacking on my FPF posts!! I haven't given up, really! I JUST found my cord for my printer, so I will be posting "new" flashbacks starting next Friday! I'm pretty sure I've shared this one before, but I love it so much, I want to share it again! Plus, it's my husbands 41st birthday today, and I wanted to post a picture of our entire family! In fact, we are due for an updated photo!!!

I love coming across my "babies" when they were little. It really does make me realize how fast time goes by!!!!