Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Walker Stalker Con

Once again, Walker Stalker Con was in town, so being that we are Walking Dead fans, we knew we were going to see them again!

Naturally, we all have our favorite characters (past & present), but for this season (call me crazy), I totally cannot dislike Jeffrey D. Morgan's character, "Negan." I think I liked him too much on Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife to see him as this evil bad guy!

When I saw he was on the lineup at Walker Stalker Con, I knew that if I was going to pay for any picture with a celebrity, it would be HIM!

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. My sis in-law actually surprised me by buying me a voucher to take a picture with him, but we waited in the wrong area and missed him!!! I was bummed inside, but they said we could take a picture with the cast from Boondock Saints. And you know who is a part of that? Norman Reedus who plays "Daryl!"

So here we all are! I literally rushed to stand by him in the pic! My daughter was thrilled because he hugged her!! You can say I was a little star struck!

 photo b3c4c582-2e38-4a05-9f11-6f40e80928ad.jpg

And here's a little grid of some of the other actors we were able to talk to! They are all so down to earth!!
 photo 59bdb9ad-2e72-465e-ad5f-836b9256e180.jpg

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fantastic Voyage

One of our favorite concert venues is Yoshi's in Oakland. When I saw that Lakeside was performing, I knew I had to get tickets!!

 photo 1da97a31-15d8-43ad-a82b-46c9f297a759.jpg

Monday, May 15, 2017

The House Of Prime Rib

My brother in-law and his buddy were in town for the Giants game, and by a very rare chance, they were able to make last minute reservations at The House of Prime Rib! My brother in-law has never been there, so we were all excited to see his reaction!! We love this place!!
 photo c93408bd-fbb2-4bb1-ae7e-2ec99414b397.jpg
 photo d6b38f02-6370-4e6c-b349-70ccf6df10d9.jpg