Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random thoughts...

There's not much going on right now. I think I'm actually enjoying NOT having to rush off anywhere. Daniel, (my 6 year old), got a cough on Saturday evening, and when he woke up the next day, he told me was sick. So, that meant he wasn't going to church. My husband was already at church since he has to be there by 7:30 for worship practice. Thank goodness he already had Isaiah & Eli with him. Anyway, I wake up Miranda to get ready because Veronica told me that she still wanted to go to church. I figured I'd just drop them off. But then she (Miranda) tells me she has a stomach ache!! I'm like, "Great!" Well, it all worked out because I called one of my friends who lives by me to see if I could drop off Veronica with them and have her go with them to church. I wouldn't just drop off my kids with anybody. These are our really good friends who I completely trust 110%. My husband told me he was really blessed to see Veronica sitting on Mariela's (my friend) lap during worship. Anyway...Miranda was feeling better later, so she ended up going to the evening service, and it was just Danny & I at home! I haven't taken any "new" pictures in the last couple of days, so I have none to share. One day this week I do have to go to church and have the kids help me decorate the room I'll be in for VBS. That'll be fun for them, especially for Eli since he's so creative! Next week we'll be busy again with VBS (Vacation Bible Study), but I love it!! Anyway...just rambling on....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mother/daughter sleepover!!

The mother/daughter sleepover at church was a hit! I have to give props to Lea & Heather though. They are the ones who organized this for everyone! The evening started out with everyone getting their sleeping bags organized, and then L & H shared a short story of Jesus, our Prince! When that was done, we headed over to the inner court (which is a room in the gym), and we had make-up and hair time! I think that was the biggest hit of the night! The moms had to put make-up on their daughters, do their hair, and then vice-versa. Oh my gosh, Miranda & Veronica LOVED the make-up!!! Afterward, we had a "fashion show." We had to make toilet paper dresses for the I think the one I made for Miranda came out pretty cute! My friend Lianne (hi Lianne if you're reading this) made V's! After the fashion show, we played a hide n' go seek game called "sardine." Now, can you imagine playing that game in a big church w/ the lights off??????? Well, the girls had a blast, and just picture a bunch of girls screaming their heads off in church at midnight! When that was over, we all headed back to where we were sleeping at to watch a movie. LOL, I dozed off somewhere around 1am, but around 3am, I just heard Miranda's LOUD voice and a couple of her friends talking, laughing, and singing! In total, there was about 25 of us! I got up at 6am and was getting my stuff ready to go. I had no idea they planned a Continental breakfast for us, and goodie bags for us & the girls! The night before was just all junk, and in the morning, there was coffee, juice, muffins, bagels, etc. We finally left around 9, and I came home and slept for three hours! I would have taken pictures of the morning, but honestly, I was too lazy to walk back to get my camera!!

Miranda, "J", and Veronica

"How you like me now?"

New meaning for "paper doll."

What? You girls are only 11 years old???

Thursday, July 24, 2008

VBS coming to an end!!

Tonight was the VBS closing ceremony program (although it ends tomorrow). They normally would have it on Friday evening, but it seems that alot of people can't make it on that day of the week. It was really cute, and like I said, very organized! I look forward to my kids going back for a few more years (God willing). The theme this year is Power Lab (because Jesus gives us the power), so that is why they are wearing the

Tomorrow night, we are having a mother/daughter sleepover at our church. We had one a couple of years ago and it was so fun!! The only difference now is that I'll be able to take Veronica also! I'll have lots of fun pictures! We also have our home fellowship at our house tomorrow evening, so I'm thankful for the friends that will be here to help my husband clean up!!

Ready to go home!!

Closing ceremony in the sanctuary

Brother & sister love!!
Eli & his buds, Jeremiah & Josiah

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Daniel!!!!

Daniel turned 6 years old today!!! He will always be my "baby!!" It's so funny because he literally has the sweetest voice when he talks, but he is ALL BOY. I mean, ALL BOY!!!! Those of you who really know him know exactly what I'm talking about. Out of all my kids, he is the one I don't have to worry about if he has to end up defending himself. But, he does love having hugs and kisses..that's for sure! He melts my heart every time I see his smile!!!!!!!

My grandparents left today back to Virginia. I know they are excited to be back home after being gone for almost two months. After I dropped the kids off at VBS, me, Miranda, and my mom dropped them off at San Francisco Airport. I made it back in time to pick the little ones up. My mom surprised them by getting them Mickey D's for lunch! The real excitement started for Danny when he opened his cards from my in-laws. What kid doesn't love getting Toys R Us gift cards? Shortly after my hubby came home, I took Danny shopping to use his money and gift cards that he received. He was on cloud nine!! He got EVERYTHING that he wanted for his birthday! My sister in law came over after work and we went to his favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, and then home for cake! All the kids love the cakes I make them. They prefer that instead of one that I can order (go figure). They all love the same thing....yellow cake with chocolate frosting! Well, I'm pooped again. Gotta get up early for VBS!

Oh...and on a side note, Isaiah is not in any pictures because he is spending the week at his friends house. His friend Freddy was here this past weekend, and now they are switching to his I hope they don't get too sick of each other!!

Eli, Danny, & Veronica right after VBS

I love this picture of Miranda & Veronica. The colors were pretty, but I like how this sepia looks!

Being silly after dinner!

My sis in law with the girls

Miranda & Daniel

Close up of his birthday cake!

Monday, July 21, 2008

VBS (Vacation Bible School)

This week my three youngest are going to VBS at a church close to our house. They went there last year, and it was so awesome! They are so organized! The VBS at our church starts in a couple of weeks, and we are having the same theme. The only difference is with this one, I just drop them off and Here are some pictures of them in the morning when they got organized with their group.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I love my grandparents! They are my mom's mom & dad. Ever since I was little, I don't recall them ever being impatient or annoyed at my sister or myself. They always wanted to please us when we were either visiting them in Virginia, or them visiting us in California. When I was 17, they DROVE here in their Volkswagen bus, and my sister & I drove back with them. It is one of my fondest memories!! I just wish I had a camera back then. I would have such great pictures!!! We would stay in a hotel every night, and go out to breakfast every morning. I remember the pit stops along the way and collecting postcards at every state we stopped at. When I walk through the front door of my grandparents house, it always feels like "home." My grandpa just turned 88, and my grandma is 86. Boy, they are in such great health!! LOL, I think my grandma has better posture than I do! And their minds are still sharp!! It's like time has not passed them at all! God willing, we will go on vacation there next spring! They were just on vacation in the Philippines for an entire month. My cousins threw them an awesome 63rd anniversary party. What a blessing!! On their way back to VA, they stopped here for a week, and are leaving to go back home in a couple of days. So, like I said, God willing, we will be able to go to Virginia next year. When I'm around them, I can't help but feel like a little kid again. We went out to dinner with them last night, so I took some pictures. LOL, excuse the messy tables!!!

Yum...our fave..crab legs!

Grandpa & hubby

Danny loves the calamari rings! (Onion rings to him)..shhh!

Watching their 63rd anniversary DVD on the puter. Look at grandpa snoring! Veronica sitting with my mom. Four generations right there (me taking the picture).

Grandpa say "cheese!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Great weekend!!!

I think I'm burnt out on having extra kids over the house Nah, not kids friends are very sweet!! Two of Isaiah's friends went home on Saturday after the movies, so we had the other two till Sunday when we all went to church. I'm just glad Isaiah had a great birthday weekend with his friends!! After church, we were invited to our friends house to pick some fruit from their trees. They have sooooo much fruit (apples, nectarines, plums), etc! Well, we didn't know they were having a full on bbq, so we were excited to stay! My kids were thrilled because they have a pool, so they dove in right away! They had tons of extra swimming trunks for the boys, so they were taken care of, but my hubby drove home to get the girls their bathing suits. So, we all stayed there till it was time to go back to the evening service. It was a great afternoon!!! Great food, great fellowship....what more could you ask for??!!

My Daniel!!

Miranda chillin'

Done swimming!

It was my friends son's birthday party yesterday, so the kids went swimming again!! They have an awesome pool at their condo! In fact, this is where the kids go swimming sometimes during the week. Thank God they live 5 minutes away!!

Miranda playing some worship songs.

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!

"J" & Veronica

Eli having fun!

Danny, Miranda, Isaiah, & Eli

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!!!

My "baby" is 12 years old now!!!!!!!! I still remember when he was born and how little he was! He was 1 month premature, but still weighed a healthy 6.3 lbs.!! Now, he's just as tall as me and wears a men size 10 shoe!! He has always been soft soft spoken and laid back, and is still pretty much the same way. I just pray that I don't ever stop appreciating him for being just a total sweet, sensitive kid (no matter how big he gets). Thank you Lord, for blessing me with an awesome son, and I pray you continue to guide me & his dad in raising him to be a godly man.

So, here is a recap of his birthday-day!
His friend Freddy spent the night on Thursday (he is in the picture below). On Friday morning, Isaiah & his buddy stayed home while I took all the kids to church for camp. When I came back, I was supposed to take them to breakfast, but they decided they'd rather go out for lunch instead. That was fine because it gave me a chance to straighten up around the house. So, at 11, we headed out to (where else) Macaroni Grill. Gosh, it seems like we're there every couple of weeks! When we were done, Isaiah asked if we could go to Starbucks so he and Freddy could get a decaf white chocolate frappucino. Anywho, got their "coffee" and then headed home so we could put our leftovers in the fridge. So then I tell Isaiah that I had to do an "errand" at T-Mobile before we head back to church to watch the kids play/musical. He had no idea I was planning on upgrading his phone. The one he had was fine, it just didn't take video. So, now his new upgraded phone takes video, plus more. He is stoked, to say the least!!

Anyway, after the play, my sister in law tells Isaiah to get his gift out of her car. He comes back in the gym and lo' and behold he gets a PSP, video game, plus cash. There was also a gift card in there from my mother in law. One of his buddies also gave him a GameStop gift card, and also got $40 from his other buddies. He was so blessed last night, and I was so happy for him!! Oh...and five of his friends spent the night and are going to the movies this afternoon. They are all such good boys, and although they can get loud and want to wrestle and box each other (with gloves of course), they are very respectful to me!! It's kinda funny being called "Mrs. Minyard." LOL. I was bummed yesterday because my hubby forgot to bring my camera to church. So, I don't have any pictures or video from the play!!!!! The only ones I have yesterday are from our lunch at Mac Grill.

Birthday boy!

His buddy Freddy (one of the SWEETEST boys ever)!!

They tore up that cake!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is my 8 yr olds replica of Wall-E. He is so funny because all he needs is paper and tape and he's good to go! I should take pictures of all his creations, because they really are creative and original. He's made so many things! The ones that stand out in my head are a pair of shoes, a flag w/ the pole, tons of machine guns (boys!!), wallets, purses for me, and the list goes on! He always trips everyone out because the things he makes literally look like the real thing. Anyway, just thought I'd share this before this accidentally gets thrashed!

Well, today is Day 4 of camp, and I didn't have to do one thing! I mean, my friend took all the kids for me (normally I do it and stay at church to help out) and she ended up staying there all day. It was totally perfect timing because I was able to do so much at home. Tomorrow, the kids have a play at 4, and then I need to come home right away to get ready for our home fellowship.

Tomorrow is Isaiah's birthday. I can't believe he is going to be 12!! He is just as tall as me now (scary)!!! I'm going to surprise him in the morning and take him to T-Mobile to upgrade his phone. He has no idea! He's really responsible with the one he has already, but I know he would really appreciate one that can take video. I'm also going to take him out to breakfast. We're due for a "mommy day out" anyway, so tomorrow is perfect for that! Anywho...I'll post pictures tomorrow, and maybe even a little clip of the play!! Be blessed!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday....

Well, kinda wordless. The quality from this picture isn't that great. It was in the gym, and there wasn't enough light for my cell to take a good picture. Anyway...3rd day of camp, and it's going great. Went out for Chinese food with my friend and I was super stuffed the rest of the day! I think I'm taking a day off tomorrow from helping out. I know, I said that before, but my friend said she will take all the kids to church in the morning. This gives me time to really clean up!!

Veronica & Juju (again)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day camp-Day 2-HOTTTTTT!!

It is one of the hottest days, ever!!!!!!!! It is 102 degrees!!! That is just crazy! Thank goodness the kids were indoors for most of the day! They all practiced for the play and are doing so awesome being that it's only the 2nd day of "rehearsal". Hubby and the kids are going swimming at our friends house soon, and I so love that quiet time for myself!! I don't think I'm going to help at church tomorrow so I can get a head start on cleaning up here for our home fellowship on Friday. It's also my oldest son's birthday that day, so I have to figure out what I'm going to do for him that afternoon as well. I just know that it's hot and it's not going to cool down here for awhile! Ugh!!

I didn't take too many pictures today since it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Here are Veronica and two of her little friends during "break" playing Ring Around The Rosie, and a close up picture of my friends son. He has such beautiful eyes and I love how the picture captures it!!

"Ring Around The Rosie......"

Love "M's" eyes!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

2nd Summer Day Camp-Day 1

Our church is having another day camp this week. This weeks theme is dedicated to art, drama, and music. On Friday, they will have a play and also visit another convalescent home. The kids are loving this theme because it is right up their alley! I was able to stay with Eli's group so I have some cute pictures of him and his BF's! They are so funny together! Miranda & Isaiah are also helping out again this week. It's a blessing to see them serve too!!

Had to take a picture before they went in!

Veronica (in the middle) and two of her little friends!

Isiaiah, Jeremiah, & Eli


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary hubby!!!!!

Oh my husband and I totally forgot it is our 12th year anniversary today (although we starting going out in 1988)!! My daughter handed me a card when we got home from church and in the front it said "Happy Anniversary." I still didn't catch on until I opened it up and it was a card for my hubby & I! I was like, " you know what today is???" LOL, I was just as guilty as him! With our anniversary right after the 4th of July and two of our boys birthdays coming up, it just got forgotton about. How sad is that! Well, still no excuse! Anway, we have church again tonight, so we can't do anything special later. I'm sure we'll plan something next week (God willing). Either way, it really doesn't matter if we do or don't. I'm just so thankful to have a husband that is so committed to me and our family. He is just one of those hands on dads and works hard so I am able to stay home with our children. Thank you, Lord!!!

Well, the only picture I took today was with my Blackberry, and it was me getting some of the kids in the car. Of course, here is Veronica hamming it up again. I just love this dress anyway and wanted to take a picture of her in it!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

San Franciso outing!

It was GORGEOUS in San Francisco today! We got there right after the fog was gone and it was warm with a cool breeze!! We ended up going to the zoo and then ate at our favorite hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. When I was little, my dad would always take us to San Francisco and we would walk around Fisherman's Wharf or just go on a scenic drive through the city. I love going there. It always brings back good memories for me. Unfortunately, there are alot of things that my children may possibly see since it's so liberal in the city, but at the same time, it's the perfect opportunity for my children to see how your life can turn out if you don't put God first and have no convictions of what you are doing (or lack of). It's not that we feel like we are self righteous (the bible says, "As it is written, there is none not righteous, no not one. Romans 3:10), it's just that we know how our lives could/would be without the Lord. For the most part, my children are not exposed to many "worldy" things, so it's a good contrast to also see the reality of living a life void of Jesus. It's the perfect time for us to speak to them about choices they make when they get older, and to do what is pleasing to the Lord. Not that we are perfect (that's why we desperately need God's grace everyday), but we are to not conform to this world. The bible says to be a part of this world but not BE OF the world. Big difference there! Without Him, we would not know what true Joy was, or even acknowledge that God is control. Even when we don't understand certain things that happen, we know that everything will work out for Gods glory. Thank you Lord, that we are able to have a relationship with you, and that you not only guide us, but love us more than we can fathom.

SF Zoo!!

Veronica & grandma

Eli & Daniel

Loved the flamingos!


Looking at the penguins.

Miranda posing again!

Love his little face!

My lil' monkey!

At Emmy's Chinese restaurant. Yummy!

That's how we do it!