Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lunch with mama (grandma)

We didn't get to see my mom this past weekend for Eli's birthday because she was working. Since today is her day off, she wanted to take us out to lunch. He decided he wanted to go to Chili's, so off we went! I'm so glad that Chili's is about five minutes from my

I'm also enjoying a little break because she took Isaiah, Miranda, & Veronica with her back to her house and she'll take them (Isaiah & Miranda) to Junior High bible study later tonight. She lives right down the street from our church, so it's not much of a drive for her. Great for us since we don't have to drive in traffic to get there. I think I'm going to take Eli to Target later so he can use his giftcard that my mom got him, and then we'll pick them up tonight when their done. This also gives my hubby a break from driving since he works in the city and commutes an hour each way.

Eli with his giftcard!

Eli & mama (she looks great for 62)

Isaiah & Danny (ugh..Isaiah and his HAIR!)

Veronica being a ham again!

Mama, Veronica, & Miranda

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