Monday, July 14, 2008

Great weekend!!!

I think I'm burnt out on having extra kids over the house Nah, not kids friends are very sweet!! Two of Isaiah's friends went home on Saturday after the movies, so we had the other two till Sunday when we all went to church. I'm just glad Isaiah had a great birthday weekend with his friends!! After church, we were invited to our friends house to pick some fruit from their trees. They have sooooo much fruit (apples, nectarines, plums), etc! Well, we didn't know they were having a full on bbq, so we were excited to stay! My kids were thrilled because they have a pool, so they dove in right away! They had tons of extra swimming trunks for the boys, so they were taken care of, but my hubby drove home to get the girls their bathing suits. So, we all stayed there till it was time to go back to the evening service. It was a great afternoon!!! Great food, great fellowship....what more could you ask for??!!

My Daniel!!

Miranda chillin'

Done swimming!

It was my friends son's birthday party yesterday, so the kids went swimming again!! They have an awesome pool at their condo! In fact, this is where the kids go swimming sometimes during the week. Thank God they live 5 minutes away!!

Miranda playing some worship songs.

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!

"J" & Veronica

Eli having fun!

Danny, Miranda, Isaiah, & Eli

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Christin said...

Hey lady! How are you? I can't see your pics this morning. :( Wonder if blogger is being updated. Crazy as it sounds, cuz I never thought it was worth it, but I want to buy my own website, lol. You know how you see blogs with 3 columns? I want one of those. LOL It can't be THAT expensive. I don't know - I'd have to convince Jon, lol.