Sunday, July 20, 2008


I love my grandparents! They are my mom's mom & dad. Ever since I was little, I don't recall them ever being impatient or annoyed at my sister or myself. They always wanted to please us when we were either visiting them in Virginia, or them visiting us in California. When I was 17, they DROVE here in their Volkswagen bus, and my sister & I drove back with them. It is one of my fondest memories!! I just wish I had a camera back then. I would have such great pictures!!! We would stay in a hotel every night, and go out to breakfast every morning. I remember the pit stops along the way and collecting postcards at every state we stopped at. When I walk through the front door of my grandparents house, it always feels like "home." My grandpa just turned 88, and my grandma is 86. Boy, they are in such great health!! LOL, I think my grandma has better posture than I do! And their minds are still sharp!! It's like time has not passed them at all! God willing, we will go on vacation there next spring! They were just on vacation in the Philippines for an entire month. My cousins threw them an awesome 63rd anniversary party. What a blessing!! On their way back to VA, they stopped here for a week, and are leaving to go back home in a couple of days. So, like I said, God willing, we will be able to go to Virginia next year. When I'm around them, I can't help but feel like a little kid again. We went out to dinner with them last night, so I took some pictures. LOL, excuse the messy tables!!!

Yum...our fave..crab legs!

Grandpa & hubby

Danny loves the calamari rings! (Onion rings to him)..shhh!

Watching their 63rd anniversary DVD on the puter. Look at grandpa snoring! Veronica sitting with my mom. Four generations right there (me taking the picture).

Grandpa say "cheese!"

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