Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mother/daughter sleepover!!

The mother/daughter sleepover at church was a hit! I have to give props to Lea & Heather though. They are the ones who organized this for everyone! The evening started out with everyone getting their sleeping bags organized, and then L & H shared a short story of Jesus, our Prince! When that was done, we headed over to the inner court (which is a room in the gym), and we had make-up and hair time! I think that was the biggest hit of the night! The moms had to put make-up on their daughters, do their hair, and then vice-versa. Oh my gosh, Miranda & Veronica LOVED the make-up!!! Afterward, we had a "fashion show." We had to make toilet paper dresses for the I think the one I made for Miranda came out pretty cute! My friend Lianne (hi Lianne if you're reading this) made V's! After the fashion show, we played a hide n' go seek game called "sardine." Now, can you imagine playing that game in a big church w/ the lights off??????? Well, the girls had a blast, and just picture a bunch of girls screaming their heads off in church at midnight! When that was over, we all headed back to where we were sleeping at to watch a movie. LOL, I dozed off somewhere around 1am, but around 3am, I just heard Miranda's LOUD voice and a couple of her friends talking, laughing, and singing! In total, there was about 25 of us! I got up at 6am and was getting my stuff ready to go. I had no idea they planned a Continental breakfast for us, and goodie bags for us & the girls! The night before was just all junk, and in the morning, there was coffee, juice, muffins, bagels, etc. We finally left around 9, and I came home and slept for three hours! I would have taken pictures of the morning, but honestly, I was too lazy to walk back to get my camera!!

Miranda, "J", and Veronica

"How you like me now?"

New meaning for "paper doll."

What? You girls are only 11 years old???

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