Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4, 2008

I'm up so late because I want to post this before the weekend. Today was great! It started off with us going to our yearly 4th of July picnic with our church. It's always alot of fun for all of us because there's always games, jumpers, & contests for the kids! We were there for about five hours, and then we went home to freshen up before we met up with our friends at our "spot" we go to every year to see the fireworks. It's basically an empty parking lot where everyone tailgates, and we get an awesome view of the fireworks as well! We all go early to make sure we get in before it gets filled up. Surprisingly it wasn't as packed there as it normally is. Anywho, got home around 10:30'ish and now I'm pooped. My mother in law is here (my brother in law went to Santa Cruz tonight to hook up with his friend), and we are supposed to go to the city tomorrow. I had more to write, but I'm brain dead right now!

The kiddos before they ran off and got crazy!

Veronica watching Eli paint

Miranda & Veronica coloring

Yummy ice cream, Danny!

Veronica getting a butterfly painted on her hand.

Potato sack race!

Watermelon eating contest (Miranda won)!


Sarah & Miranda being silly!

Fireworks! (short clip)

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