Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!!!

My "baby" is 12 years old now!!!!!!!! I still remember when he was born and how little he was! He was 1 month premature, but still weighed a healthy 6.3 lbs.!! Now, he's just as tall as me and wears a men size 10 shoe!! He has always been soft soft spoken and laid back, and is still pretty much the same way. I just pray that I don't ever stop appreciating him for being just a total sweet, sensitive kid (no matter how big he gets). Thank you Lord, for blessing me with an awesome son, and I pray you continue to guide me & his dad in raising him to be a godly man.

So, here is a recap of his birthday-day!
His friend Freddy spent the night on Thursday (he is in the picture below). On Friday morning, Isaiah & his buddy stayed home while I took all the kids to church for camp. When I came back, I was supposed to take them to breakfast, but they decided they'd rather go out for lunch instead. That was fine because it gave me a chance to straighten up around the house. So, at 11, we headed out to (where else) Macaroni Grill. Gosh, it seems like we're there every couple of weeks! When we were done, Isaiah asked if we could go to Starbucks so he and Freddy could get a decaf white chocolate frappucino. Anywho, got their "coffee" and then headed home so we could put our leftovers in the fridge. So then I tell Isaiah that I had to do an "errand" at T-Mobile before we head back to church to watch the kids play/musical. He had no idea I was planning on upgrading his phone. The one he had was fine, it just didn't take video. So, now his new upgraded phone takes video, plus more. He is stoked, to say the least!!

Anyway, after the play, my sister in law tells Isaiah to get his gift out of her car. He comes back in the gym and lo' and behold he gets a PSP, video game, plus cash. There was also a gift card in there from my mother in law. One of his buddies also gave him a GameStop gift card, and also got $40 from his other buddies. He was so blessed last night, and I was so happy for him!! Oh...and five of his friends spent the night and are going to the movies this afternoon. They are all such good boys, and although they can get loud and want to wrestle and box each other (with gloves of course), they are very respectful to me!! It's kinda funny being called "Mrs. Minyard." LOL. I was bummed yesterday because my hubby forgot to bring my camera to church. So, I don't have any pictures or video from the play!!!!! The only ones I have yesterday are from our lunch at Mac Grill.

Birthday boy!

His buddy Freddy (one of the SWEETEST boys ever)!!

They tore up that cake!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Freddy! I <3 Freddy! He's great....

... thanks for your prayer, please keep it coming - I am getting hit bad here!

P.S. my birthday is 7-11 :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh... and Happy Birthday Isaiah!