Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day camp-Day 2-HOTTTTTT!!

It is one of the hottest days, ever!!!!!!!! It is 102 degrees!!! That is just crazy! Thank goodness the kids were indoors for most of the day! They all practiced for the play and are doing so awesome being that it's only the 2nd day of "rehearsal". Hubby and the kids are going swimming at our friends house soon, and I so love that quiet time for myself!! I don't think I'm going to help at church tomorrow so I can get a head start on cleaning up here for our home fellowship on Friday. It's also my oldest son's birthday that day, so I have to figure out what I'm going to do for him that afternoon as well. I just know that it's hot and it's not going to cool down here for awhile! Ugh!!

I didn't take too many pictures today since it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Here are Veronica and two of her little friends during "break" playing Ring Around The Rosie, and a close up picture of my friends son. He has such beautiful eyes and I love how the picture captures it!!

"Ring Around The Rosie......"

Love "M's" eyes!!

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