Wednesday, August 28, 2013

 Finally!! A somewhat decent picture of all of us looking at the camera!!

 photo IMAG1924_zps0d8e9063.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photobooth First

We recently went to a wedding, and had some photobooth fun with our friends!!

 photo 934717_10201853737530508_1937596533_n_zps37414b8b.jpg

  photo 999433_10201853738010520_605488077_n_zps1714afc0.jpg

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Color Run

Back in March, me and a few of my friends signed up the for The Color Run. It's a fun, non competitve, untimed 5k that gets you totally covered in COLOR by the time you're done!

We had no intentions of running it, of course! Besides, even if we did, I think it would have been even crazier!

They held it at Candlestick Park, and the weather was perfect that day for it!!

So, the only thing required is that everyone has to wear a white top! This way, you can see all the color on you! And it gets everywhere!! If you don't care about getting all that colored powdery mess on you, then this is the 5k you want to sign up for!

 photo IMAG0617_zps59848a5b.jpg

Look how "white" we are....for now!
 photo 601548_4627220440561_675205963_n_zps08437964.jpg

Enjoying the pre-race fun!
 photo IMAG0622_zps3e77e91a.jpg

 photo IMAG06191_zpsdd23141d.jpg

Getting hit with the orange first!
 photo 313362_4617335473443_1931577924_n_zps1fa5cbec.jpg

Color!!!!! It was like a party after with the DJ on stage!!
 photo IMAG0624_zps5bd67b35.jpg

Look at the place now!
 photo IMAG0625_zpsf6c2eb94.jpg

And here we are after!
 photo IMAG06271_zps0081b34a.jpg

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Oldest Restaurant In San Francisco

I don't mean "old" as in it needs to be shut down.

I mean "old" as in the first restaurant in San Francisco!

My husband wanted to take me there for lunch one weekend, and I was so excited!!

Let's get on with the food!

Started with Dungeness Crab Cakes
 photo IMAG0747_zps3f5edb50.jpg
Seafood Cioppino with Garlic Bread
 photo IMAG0749_zps1fc44002.jpg

I forget the name of this, but it was a casserole with dungeness crab!
 photo IMAG0751_zps4aec5f67.jpg

Here's another picture of the inside!
 photo IMAG07522_zps16fea56c.jpg
Raspberry Mousse
 photo IMAG07541_zpsb847d6fc.jpg

I'm a cheesecake-holic!
 photo IMAG0755_zps196676bb.jpg

I can't wait to eat here again!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls Day Out

Girls, meaning mother daughter time!

My friend had suggested we take our girls to tea one afternoon, and to spruce it up for them, we decided on having them get pampered at one of those little girl shops where they do hair and makeup.

There is a place in the mall called Britty's Glamour, and it's such a girly girl place! You can have birthday parties there, too! It's super cute! Perfect for a lil' diva, that's for sure!
 photo IMAG0474_zpsf4b3b8a2.jpg

Everything is so pink!!
 photo IMAG0471_zps1293c67a.jpg

They started the girls off by doing their nails in the color of their choice!
 photo IMAG0470_zps42d4248e.jpg

And while their nails are drying, they start on the do!!
 photo IMAG0473_zps61eac1eb.jpg

My daughter chose to have her hair done in a "bow." It was so cute!
 photo IMAG0477_zps0ce57b66.jpg

Then came the makeup and hair accessories!!! 
 photo IMAG0482_zps9b9de58b.jpg

Now, if you think my daughter's make up was too dark, I had to tell them to tone it down! I was like, she's not going to a pageant! Besides that, we had to be out in public..LOL!

We had reservations at Lisa's Tea Treasure, so we were excited to head over there right after!
 photo IMAG05001_zps1b12fa11.jpg

I loved what I ordered! I had quiche, a variety of sandwiches, and a scone! It doesn't look filling, but it was!
 photo IMAG04911_zpsd02365a4.jpg

The girls had pizza rolls, egg salad sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, and ice cream!
 photo IMAG04921_zps9ca89561.jpg

It was a perfect way to end our day!!
 photo IMAG0498_zps9b181ffa.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013


About once a month, my husband and I like to take, what we call, "Baycations."

That basically means we stay overnight at a hotel, but not too far away from home. The furthest we've gone (so far) is to San Francisco.

Can you tell we love going there? It helps that my husband knows the city like the back of his hand, so we're never lost, plus I get to see some of the neatest places!

One spot we like to go to is the Marin Headlands. It's a turnoff right by the Golden Gate Bridge. You drive up to the top and it overlooks the bay! It's gorgeous, especially in clear weather. This day we went, there was overcast. But, that was okay. We still enjoyed sitting there, and walking around!

I tell ya...we love our kids, but it's so nice to get away by ourselves!!
 photo IMAG0872_zps8aa2a096.jpg

Isn't that gorgeous? You can see the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance!
 photo IMAG0879_zpsd373a23b.jpg

So peaceful here!
 photo IMAG0886_zpsffaa0726.jpg

When we were done there, we went back to check into our hotel, Le Meridien.
 photo IMAG0901_zpsc70449e5.jpg

Here's the view out our window. My husband wasn't too thrilled, but that's because he was comparing our view from the other hotel we stayed at previously. I'll post about that next time!
 photo IMAG0902_zps9d43d536.jpg

Time for dinner! We decided on Scoma's on the Wharf. Here we are waiting to be seated!
 photo IMAG0905_zpsf5f87f2a.jpg

Now, onto the food! Our appetizer was delicious. A little bit of everything! Fried calamari, shrimp scampi, and crab cakes.
 photo IMAG0906_zps9e40fa15.jpg

Lobster Bisque at it's finest! So creamy and tasty!
 photo IMAG0907_zps51bcdb1e.jpg

I'm all about seafood pasta! And this was the real deal! Huge pieces of scallops, shrimp, and crab!
 photo IMAG0908_zpsada8c0bc.jpg 
Filet Mignon and Lobster for the hubby!
 photo IMAG0909_zpscee71073.jpg

We left there completely happy! We are definitely going back there again! And the only reason we didn't order dessert was because we had connoli's back at the hotel!

The next morning, we decided to eat at Beach Chalet Brewery. If you're lucky enough (or early enough) you can be seated right next to the window with the ocean as your view! We were one table away, but we were close enough!
 photo IMAG0922_zps225b4f5c.jpg

We started with a couple of sweets! I wanted to try their fresh fruit and granola parfait. That was practically a meal in itself! I loved it!
 photo IMAG0917_zps0b4cfe00.jpg

I also wanted to try their Beignets, because believe it or not, I've never had one! They served it with two sauces. Warm mixed berry and espresso Bailey's creme anglaise!  Sooooo good!
 photo IMAG09181_zpscb57df0c.jpg

Now for the main meals! My husband ordered Corned Beef Hash. That's a poached egg on top. It looks like sour cream in the picture. 
 photo IMAG0921_zps234332d4.jpg

I opted for Dungeness Crab Bendict! Oh...soooo...good!!
 photo IMAG0919_zps0f33271c.jpg

 That's it..then end! LOL..then, we headed home to our kiddos!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

A few months ago, my cousin was in California on a business trip.

I was surprised when he told me that he's never been to San Francisco! It was perfect because he was staying right by the Wharf, and close to everything!

We decided to take him to Boudin first! They are known for their bread, and of course, the Clam Chowder Bowl! If you are in the city, you definitely have to go there just for that!

  photo IMAG0193_zps5523fb94.jpg

Look at all that yummy goodness!!
 photo IMAG0195_zps6f3bd088.jpg

Here we all are right outside of the restaurant!! That's him on the far left!
 photo IMAG0197_zpsf65f280e.jpg

We walked everywhere that day! Do you see Ghiradelli in the background? YUM!
 photo IMAG0203_zps9cf9cb28.jpg

You can never take too many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge!
 photo IMAG0208_zps5b6d165a.jpg

We also walked out onto a pier and had another view of the wharf!
  photo IMAG0209_zps1f43c592.jpg

As if we have not walked enough, we wanted to take him to the Filbert Street steps that lead up to the Coit Tower. It's ONLY about 378 steep steps to the top! We got this!
 photo filbert_zps72c67013.jpg

Don't they look ready!?
 photo IMAG0217_zps63e8b414.jpg the top!!
 photo IMAG0221_zps2623daa8.jpg

They light the tower up at night! I think the red looks so creepy!! We were saying it was the devils
 photo IMAG0222_zps8f787f05.jpg

We decided to head back to the pier because it's usually pretty at night! We were in for a treat because there was a performance going on! We were all amazed at this 60+ year old lady who could do this and juggle at the same time! I was so scared she was going to fall and break her hip!
 photo IMAG0235_zps5628d4f3.jpg

And how do you think we ended the night? By eating, of course!! We took him to our favorite Chinese restaurant by Ocean Beach!
 photo IMAG0242_zpsc003acd4.jpg