Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

A few months ago, my cousin was in California on a business trip.

I was surprised when he told me that he's never been to San Francisco! It was perfect because he was staying right by the Wharf, and close to everything!

We decided to take him to Boudin first! They are known for their bread, and of course, the Clam Chowder Bowl! If you are in the city, you definitely have to go there just for that!

  photo IMAG0193_zps5523fb94.jpg

Look at all that yummy goodness!!
 photo IMAG0195_zps6f3bd088.jpg

Here we all are right outside of the restaurant!! That's him on the far left!
 photo IMAG0197_zpsf65f280e.jpg

We walked everywhere that day! Do you see Ghiradelli in the background? YUM!
 photo IMAG0203_zps9cf9cb28.jpg

You can never take too many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge!
 photo IMAG0208_zps5b6d165a.jpg

We also walked out onto a pier and had another view of the wharf!
  photo IMAG0209_zps1f43c592.jpg

As if we have not walked enough, we wanted to take him to the Filbert Street steps that lead up to the Coit Tower. It's ONLY about 378 steep steps to the top! We got this!
 photo filbert_zps72c67013.jpg

Don't they look ready!?
 photo IMAG0217_zps63e8b414.jpg the top!!
 photo IMAG0221_zps2623daa8.jpg

They light the tower up at night! I think the red looks so creepy!! We were saying it was the devils
 photo IMAG0222_zps8f787f05.jpg

We decided to head back to the pier because it's usually pretty at night! We were in for a treat because there was a performance going on! We were all amazed at this 60+ year old lady who could do this and juggle at the same time! I was so scared she was going to fall and break her hip!
 photo IMAG0235_zps5628d4f3.jpg

And how do you think we ended the night? By eating, of course!! We took him to our favorite Chinese restaurant by Ocean Beach!
 photo IMAG0242_zpsc003acd4.jpg

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