Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary

My husband and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! Wow..what a milestone...especially in this day and age!

I'm normally not a cheesy/mushy type person, but I can honestly say that I love my husband as much as I did (if not more) than I did when we first met. I think through the ups and downs of married life, you learn to grow as a couple, and also not let the little things get in the way.

Now that our kids are getting older, we can get away alone, and rekindle our relationship. Like I tell my friends, it's like we're dating again (just without the drama). We love it, and it just adds so much more to our marriage. I can't emphasize enough to couples about having that quality time with your spouse. It's so easy to get disconnected with the busyness of life, kids, work, etc. You have to MAKE that time for each other!

So, for the holiday weekend, we went to visit my in-laws, and it was perfect timing because one of those days fell on our anniversary!! Boom!!

The kids stayed with my sis & brother in law, and my husband and I checked into The Peppermill! We have been having our "baycations" practically once a month, and we totally look forward to them each and every time!!!

Here we are before we headed down to our dinner! LOL..he is so not into pictures though. We took like five of these shots!!
 photo fae7c5c0-46df-4db3-92c6-75d794271088_zpsfa9eab45.jpg

We decided to eat at one of the restaurants at the hotel (Bimini Steakhouse), and we are so glad we did! From the service to the food, we were more than satisfied!! After watching episodes of Hell's Kitchen, we knew we wanted MEAT!!!

We started out with lobster stuffed mushroom. They were huge!!
 photo 5c21dcac-0dd6-411d-8611-bab4aca2975a_zps4b83551a.jpg

I ordered the Steak Diane. The sauce was delicious, and it was cooked perfectly!
 photo IMAG1846_zps5a6624c8.jpg

My husband kept raving about his Filet Mignon. I tried a bite, and it melted in my mouth!
 photo IMAG1847_zpsf45a5dca.jpg

And who would've thought that lobster mashed potatoes could be so wonderful!!?? And yes..that is a little pool of butter on top!
 photo IMAG1848_zpsd232fb7d.jpg

We also ordered asparagus, but I didn't take of picture of know we had to have dessert!

Creme Brulee in three different flavors. My hubby's choice! It was decadent!
 photo IMAG1851_zps8be1aabd.jpg

I was going to order my favorite (cheesecake), but I was in the mood for their banana cream pie! I was thinking it was going to be a sliver, but NO, the crust was shaped like a bowl, and it could have easily fed three people!!!! Did I mention that I was in heaven?
 photo IMAG1852_zps17d03123.jpg

All in all, great holiday weekend. Kids were happy, and we were happy!!!


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Anniversary, dear Alicia!

You two look gorgeous!!!! Here's to many, many, many more years of marital bliss!!!

Darcie said...

Happy Anniversary! Great picture of you both!