Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls Day Out

Girls, meaning mother daughter time!

My friend had suggested we take our girls to tea one afternoon, and to spruce it up for them, we decided on having them get pampered at one of those little girl shops where they do hair and makeup.

There is a place in the mall called Britty's Glamour, and it's such a girly girl place! You can have birthday parties there, too! It's super cute! Perfect for a lil' diva, that's for sure!
 photo IMAG0474_zpsf4b3b8a2.jpg

Everything is so pink!!
 photo IMAG0471_zps1293c67a.jpg

They started the girls off by doing their nails in the color of their choice!
 photo IMAG0470_zps42d4248e.jpg

And while their nails are drying, they start on the do!!
 photo IMAG0473_zps61eac1eb.jpg

My daughter chose to have her hair done in a "bow." It was so cute!
 photo IMAG0477_zps0ce57b66.jpg

Then came the makeup and hair accessories!!! 
 photo IMAG0482_zps9b9de58b.jpg

Now, if you think my daughter's make up was too dark, I had to tell them to tone it down! I was like, she's not going to a pageant! Besides that, we had to be out in public..LOL!

We had reservations at Lisa's Tea Treasure, so we were excited to head over there right after!
 photo IMAG05001_zps1b12fa11.jpg

I loved what I ordered! I had quiche, a variety of sandwiches, and a scone! It doesn't look filling, but it was!
 photo IMAG04911_zpsd02365a4.jpg

The girls had pizza rolls, egg salad sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, and ice cream!
 photo IMAG04921_zps9ca89561.jpg

It was a perfect way to end our day!!
 photo IMAG0498_zps9b181ffa.jpg

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Ms. Latina said...

That bow looks adorable on your daughter. Boys seem so boring now LOL