Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

**UPDATE** as of 10:45 p.m. Warren is in surgery right now. Apparently there is a virus that was eating away at his heart. His liver and kidneys shut down making the surgery more intensive. He will have mechanical parts to his heart, and if all goes well, he will still need a heart transplant.

A man (and personal friend) from our church suffered a heart attack yesterday afternoon. I just got the update that they are able to do surgery this morning. This has come as a shock to so many of us because he is probably one of the most active people you would ever meet! He is in his 50's but he literally holds his own when it comes to playing basketball with all the high school boys! Anyway, if any one is reading this in "blog world", please take a moment to lift up our dear friend in prayer. His family is such a blessing, and his wife Pat is such a Godly woman. Please also lift up their three children as well. I have not talked to them yet, but I can imagine that they are totally trusting in God 100%!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Consider Jesus"-Hebrews 3:1

That is what the fall Women's Bible study will be about at our church! I love the book of Hebrews, and I can't wait to do the study on that chapter! My friend, Mariela, was asked to be a table leader but is unable to do that, due to the day of the week, time, etc. I wasn't planning on going either for the same reasons, so she asked if her & I (and whoever else) wanted to do the study together at her house. We live relatively close to each other, so it will be very convenient for me to drive there vs. 30 minutes in traffic on the way to church on a Wednesday night. Her kids as well as mine have soccer practice that day so it will be nice and quiet at her house. The study does not start to mid October, and we will follow the schedule with the ladies at our church.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


What a great, somewhat relaxing weekend we've had! There were no soccer games yesterday, so it was a very nice break! The only thing we had to do was take the kids to have their team and individual pictures done. It's super organized, so all the teams are in and out! When we got home, we just vegged..literally! It was one of those "movie" days! After we had dinner, we put on National Treasure and called it a night!

Church, was again a blessing today. We just LOVE our church family! Tonight there is a concert at our church. The Barlowgirls'! I didn't go though. I stayed home with my two youngest to get organized for school tomorrow. However, my hubby and my two older kids are there. Eli was invited to his friends church for Awana. Tonight's theme was "Bring A Friend." The friend who invited him is on his soccer team, and he & Eli are so alike, it's awesome! My sweetie pie is friends with someone just as sweet and sensitive like him!

We've been so busy with school, it's crazy! But, a good, organized crazy! I'm really getting the hang of everything, and just loving the structure!! I love being able to see their lessons planned out for them in advance! It takes so much of the pressure off of me! Total Godsend! There is still more curriculum coming, and I can't wait! I will post pictures of my new homeschool room once everything is set up!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls' Tea

My friend Mariela hosted a Girls Tea at her house last night. It was so awesome, and such a blessing not only for us, but to the girls. When I told her that my girls would probably never wear their dresses again (the ones they wore to the Princess Ball), she felt like she really wanted to do something for them so that they could wear it more than once. That's what prompted her to have the "Girls Tea." It was awesome! She printed out their own verses (speaking primarily of having a clean heart, and being pure), and she shared about what each of their verses meant. As soon as that was done, the girls were practically jumping out of their chairs to start dancing! It totally reminded me of the Princess Ball because they were just going W-I-L-D!! It was great!!! My friend Mariela loves to dance, so she couldn't figure out who had more fun..the girls or her!

Michele, Rebekah, Sara, Miranda, Naomi, Phylicia, & Veronica

Beautiful table setting

I made the brownies & strawberry cake (of course the fattening stuff)


We were their "servants" of the night. Me, Mariela, & Lianne
"Go 'head...get buzy..go 'head..get buzy.."

Pretty Princesses!!

Friday, September 26, 2008



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Change Is Good!!

I'm diggin' the new program/curriculum the kids are doing. Yes, it's alot of work, it's definitely more of a challenge, but this is exactly what we've been needing! I can't wait to get the other computers hooked up so our day will move along more speedily. The older kids will be able to work independently and not have to "wait" for their turn on the computer. Since I'm not a structured person by nature, this is really making me into one! That's a good thing! With five kids, you need it!!

Tomorrow night we're going to a friends for dinner. In fact, she's the one who told me about this program! I'm looking forward to the fellowship and getting more tips from her!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shipment #2!

This could totally be my "Tackle It Tuesday" post, but I have yet to tackle the entire project! Shipment #2 came, but it's still not all of it. I have cleared off all the previous curriculum which some are in boxes and some on top of an air hockey table! Thank goodness I can use the empty boxes to pack all the old school work in! So far, all the kids received most of their curriculum. Everything else is in transit or back ordered. That is fine for right now since I'm still getting used to this new program. I'm anxious to start! We have alot of work ahead of us, but I'm so thankful that my kids are just as excited as I am! I know they were getting tired of their other work, and this is what they needed to get them motivated again (and myself)!! Well, I'm off..I have lots to do!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Shipment Is Here!

Don't cha just love the UPS guy (or girl)? I do! But it seems like every time they come, I'm always in my jammies. How embarrassing is that! Well, they don't actually "see" me because I kinda hind behind the door..lol! I'm sure they've "seen it all" and are hardly ever shocked by anything! Anyway, I received my first two boxes today, and I can't wait to see what goodies are in it! I don't know who's curriculum it is, but I'm very anxious to see. I have a humongo task waiting for me. I need to clear off like 99% of their curriculum to make room for all my brand new material! Oh..and get this! We're getting a long computer desk that can house two computers on them. This is what I totally envisioned when I found out we were receiving two of them! I just pictured it being the kids "work station." Best part of this is that it's FREE! Our church needs to get rid of them, so it works out perfect for us! What a huge blessing!! So, goodbye air hockey table, and hello to the new desk, coming soon!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Typical Saturday

When soccer season ends, our Saturday's won't be so B-U-S-Y! I'm not complaining, I actually love it! This morning hubby & Isaiah had to be at Isaiah's soccer game no later then 8:30 to set up the nets. Since it was a home game, and theirs being the first of the day, they have that obligation to do that. I had to drop off Miranda and Daniel to him at 10 because my sis-in-law was picking up Daniel from that field to go to their game (she coaches his team), and Miranda would stay with hubby since her game was only an an hour after Isaiah's. After I did that, me, Eli, & Veronica were on our way to Eli's game that was way across town!!! His coaches like their players there an hour before game time (the norm is about 1/2 an hour), so I had to get him there by 10:30. We left his field by 12:45, and stopped at Burger King so he & Veronica could use the bathroom (there was no way I was letting them use the port-a-potty). Of course, they just had to get something while we were there! So, done there, and we're off to Veronica's game which starts at 2, but she has to be there by 1:30. And that's where we all meet up at the end of the day (well this day at least)! My sis-in-law also coaches Veronica's team, so it all works out!!! She has Danny, hubby has Isaiah & Miranda, and I have Eli & Veronica!

Veronica enjoying a bagel while Eli is practicing with his team. Gotta love the snack shacks!

Yummy hot cocoa! Wipe your mouth, Nani!

Yay..got my goodie bag, let's go!!

We're now all at Veronica's game. Daniel has to climb on anything and everything! Future tree hugger? Not!

Miranda & hubby checking out Nani's (Veronica) game

Miranda not feelin' the love from Isaiah..lol. She said her stomach was hurting because she was STARVING!

Purple Dragons!!

"I got it!!"


It's funny how that word is often used in a positive way, when in fact it's the complete opposite. Now, there is a difference in being proud about something (like someones achievements), but if you look up the definition in the dictionary, the word "pride" points to "self." There are verses in the bible that specifically talk about pride. For example, Proverbs 16:18 says, "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty (arrogant) spirit before a fall."

To get to the point of this post, I realized it was indeed my pride not wanting to admit that I felt totally overwhelmed this year (regarding school). Actually, I started to feel overwhelmed last school year. I said in a previous post that I felt like I had to try different things to feel satisfied, but in reality I think I was just trying to take an easy way out from doing what I really needed to do. With all five of them officially in school now, I just knew I needed to get on top of my game. I know it's totally God that led us to where we are now. I have so much peace about this decision, I can barely contain myself from sharing it with my friends and family. If I wrote it all down here, it would be a mini-story. So, if you are interested in reading about the program we're going to be doing, click HERE. I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds, really. Education that is priceless (I mean that literally too), and we are still a homeschooling family! God is good, and He once again showed me that He is faithful. If we truly seek His will for our lives, we will have peace with whatever the outcome is!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed-2 Timothy 2:15

That is what Awana stands for. I love the Awana club. My two older children were involved from the time they were 3 & 4 years old! The purpose of Awana is for children to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ! My kids remember scripture they learned from such a young age. And that is the point, to hide Gods Word in their hearts and to apply it to their lives!

So, my three youngest will start Awana tomorrow night at the church that my older kids went to. In fact, I'll be helping out for a couple of hours every 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month. This works out perfect because my two older kids are at the Jr. High fellowship at our church, and my hubby is at our friends home fellowship that night. I originally thought I would be "dropping off" my kids at Awana and then going back to our friends home fellowship, but God had other plans for me, and well, His plans are always better then mine!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Walk Monday

I'm totally praising God right now because He gave me the answer to my prayers regarding my childrens school. We started our 7th year of homeschooling, and toward the end of last school year, I started to feel overwhelmed. I wanted to try different things, different ways of schooling, etc, but I felt that I was still lacking in certain areas. Being that my two older kids are in Jr. High, I wanted to make sure that I don't skip a beat with their schoolwork. With my eldest daughter, she loves to be organized and likes to be challenged. I felt (well I knew) that I wasn't challenging her enough. This would apply more to my two older children. Well, to make a long story short, we are now enrolled in a program where my children will have a schedule with their work, and can also see their progress online. It will keep them accountable, and will also keep us on top of everything. I'm so excited, and feel like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I don't feel stressed about this year, or the years coming. I know that God totally led us in this direction, and I know that He has our best interest at heart!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun day out!

I had mentioned on a previous post that two of Eli's friends (who are brothers) are moving back to the East Coast (today actually). Last night they stayed in a hotel close to the airport and asked if Eli could come over and hang out with the boys for a couple of hours. Of course I said yes because who knows when they'll be able to see each other again. It was sad to say goodbye to them because their family is just wonderful! These boys are so genuinely sweet, caring, and respectful! They have such a loving nature to them! It was awesome because during the summer, the kids went to a convalescent home and one of the boys was sharing about the Lord to one of the patients. Well, this particular man ended up accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior! I know the Lord will continue to use these kids, and God willing we will be able to see them if we go to Virginia next year!

Isaiah, Eli, & Carman

My friend Mary asked if we wanted to come over today and have the kids go swimming. Miranda is really good friends with one of her daughters so I knew she would be excited to go! Oh man, when I'm with Mary, we just CRACKKKKKK UP!! If she reads this, she knows exactly what I'm talking about! She grilled some hot dogs, the kids swam & played, we had fun on Facebook, & just had a great time! Her two youngest daughters came home with us, and I'm taking them home tonight. The best part....her & I are going to the movies after I drop them off! Yoohoo!!

All the boys swimming

Miranda & Becca


Danny & Eli

All the kids

You go, girl!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Walk Monday

As I was spending time with the Lord this morning, I was asking Him to show me what devotion I would do with my kids today. Of course, Proverbs came to my mind, but then I quickly thought to myself, "Nah." But, really, is that from the Holy Spirit, or my flesh not wanting to feel convicted? I love the book of Proverbs, I do. If you want to be put in check, that's where you go..lol. It's just filled with wisdom, knowledge, and just straight up, loving correction!! Well, I started to read some verses, and somehow, the Lord led me to Hebrews. I read the first chapter and then started the second.

Hebrews 2:1-Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.

That one verse to me is so powerful. I'm so thankful that my children love the Lord. I'm so thankful that I have a husband who loves the Lord. I'm so thankful they're not ashamed to say they love the Lord, and that they pray for others to know Him too. This verse spoke to me today because I don't want to get complacent in my walk. It can be so easy to get caught up in the world. I don't want to read my bible and let go in one ear and out the other (so to speak). The end of that verse says, "Lest we drift away." When I think of the word "drift", I picture the movie Castaway when Tom Hanks finally leaves the island and he's in the middle of the ocean with his only companion (the soccer ball). Somehow, the ball detached itself from the raft, and slowly but surely, it started to "drift" away. It didn't detach and then suddenly become miles away, it was a slow, but gradual process. We could be like that soccer ball in water, and slowly but surely start drifting away from the Lord IF we don't PAY ATTENTION!! It's like that feeling when you haven't been in the Word for a couple of days and you just feel empty. You feel far away, disconnected, if you will, from the Lord. It's just like any relationship. If you don't keep up in communication, it can just fade away. The difference is with the Lord, he doesn't fade away, we do. I want to share with my children the importance of keeping their relationship with the Lord, and not taking their salvation for granted. To not get caught up with world, but invest their time in things that are eternal...things that count. We need to hide (memorize) Gods word in our hearts...lest we drift away...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Princess Ball

It would be an understatement to say that the Father-Daughter Princess Ball was a hit. It was FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! I know that this is something they will never forget, and they will hold this memory near and dear to their hearts!! This was a perfect night to show how precious and special these girls are to their fathers! I wish I had pictures when they went to dinner, but of course, it was just dad's and their princesses! My hubby and girls went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner with about 10 other people, so that was really fun for them! From 7-9 they all had to be at church for dessert, dancing, and prizes! I was able to take pictures and videos of them at the church because I was help with little things there. Anywho, they had a "dads dance contest" and I am proud to say that my hubby was one of the three men that won..LOLOLOL! I'm so glad I have that on video! But, what made me want to cry was that the first song the DJ played was "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. If you know the song, then you know what I mean! I have video of all three of them dancing. Of course, it got louder and louder as everyone was dancing to TobyMac!! Ha! The entire night was so fun and especially organized. The music was perfect, the desserts were delicious, and I'm so glad I was able to be there (even though technically I wasn't supposed to be all in the mix). The girls' loved dancing with their dad, and they truly felt like Princesses that night (even though we do tell them that often)!!

Fresh from the beauty salon

Fresh from the beauty salon

I love the natural way he is looking down at her.

I love the body language here. So sweet!!!

Princess Veronica

Veronica and her buddy Jocy

Veronica and her other bud Molly. They share the exact same birthday!!

Beautiful dresses!

Miranda and some of her girlfriends

More dancing

Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Mighty To Save"

My two older children, Isaiah & Miranda, have started to lead worship for the Friday Night Jr. High Fellowship at our church. They all meet on the 1st & 3rd Friday's of the month which works out perfect for us because our home fellowship is on the 2nd & 4th Friday's. Here's a little glimpse of them practicing this afternoon. Isaiah is singing "Mighty To Save."

Friday, September 5, 2008

Good times..good friends!

I had such a great time catching up with my friend, Ethel! We had plans to go out to dinner, but once I got to her beautiful home, we couldn't stop talking! I've known her husband since we were in Elementary School, so we go way back even longer. You know how sometimes you don't want your friends husband around when you're talking..lol....well it's different with her hubby. It's just as amusing and fun with him there! So, they ordered Japanese food and we ate it at their house. I think that was even better because it was just so relaxing. Their kids are so cute, and soooo well behaved too!!! I know that my kids will love it when they get to spend time with them also. My poor kids, they were calling me off the hook, asking me when I was going to be home. Geez, they are so not used to mommy being gone for more than a couple of hours! Anywho, here is a picture of me & Ethel on their backyard deck. It's so peaceful and serene! I can't wait to go back!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School is in session!

This is our first official week of "school." It didn't start off like I had prayed for, but God knows better than I do! My hubby ended up getting strep throat, so with him being home the last couple of days it has been very distracting for the kids! They don't want to do their schoolwork, they want to hang out with dad! Well, it was fine today because I ended up going out and getting a haircut..lol. But, it hasn't been too bad, really. We did do school and cover the more "important" subjects. I know I'm just being too hard on myself because I had their first day planned differently (in my mind). I was also supposed to go to dinner with one of my longtime (is that a word?) girlfriends, but that had to be cancelled because of a last minute soccer/coach/other coach/parent/referee/dispute board meeting that my hubby had to go to. But, we are going to dinner tomorrow, so I'm excited about that! I've known her since we were 14 years old (Freshmen in highschool), so whenever I get to see her (which is too far and few in between) it is always so much fun! It's like time has not passed us by! It's never awkward or quiet..lol. I'm sure I'll take pictures of us tomorrow!

Anywho..have alot going on this weekend. On Saturday, my girls and their dad are going to Father/Daughter Princess Ball at our church! I got my girls matching dresses, and they are soooooo beautiful! I have to get their shoes by Friday, and I'm getting their hair done on Saturday afternoon. It's going to be a special night for all the girls and the dads!! Of course, I had to find a way to be there, so I'll be helping out in the kitchen with dessert and taking pictures along the way..heehee. So the plan is that the dads take their daughter(s) out to dinner, and then from 7-9 they all meet at church for dessert, dancing (Christian DJ), and pictures. They are also having a couple of contests and a special testimony from one of the dads and his daughters. My girls have been looking forward to this since they heard about it! So...look out for pictures!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Worship till the AM!!!!

Since today is a holiday, the Worship Team decided to have a night of worship after the evening service last night. It's awesome seeing random people get up and sing to the Lord!! They were jammin' till the wee hours of the morning (1 a.m to be exact). Our friend Jay came out and brought his drum set, and it was off the hook!!!!!!

L to R-Leo, Gabe (hubby), David, Javier, & Rick

Veronica w/ Miss Jill (she has a BEAUTIFUL voice)

Mariela jammin w/ the worship team!

Me & Jay! We go back 26 years!!