Monday, September 22, 2008

First Shipment Is Here!

Don't cha just love the UPS guy (or girl)? I do! But it seems like every time they come, I'm always in my jammies. How embarrassing is that! Well, they don't actually "see" me because I kinda hind behind the! I'm sure they've "seen it all" and are hardly ever shocked by anything! Anyway, I received my first two boxes today, and I can't wait to see what goodies are in it! I don't know who's curriculum it is, but I'm very anxious to see. I have a humongo task waiting for me. I need to clear off like 99% of their curriculum to make room for all my brand new material! Oh..and get this! We're getting a long computer desk that can house two computers on them. This is what I totally envisioned when I found out we were receiving two of them! I just pictured it being the kids "work station." Best part of this is that it's FREE! Our church needs to get rid of them, so it works out perfect for us! What a huge blessing!! So, goodbye air hockey table, and hello to the new desk, coming soon!!

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@TiffanyRom said...

Have fun getting set up!