Monday, September 15, 2008

My Walk Monday

I'm totally praising God right now because He gave me the answer to my prayers regarding my childrens school. We started our 7th year of homeschooling, and toward the end of last school year, I started to feel overwhelmed. I wanted to try different things, different ways of schooling, etc, but I felt that I was still lacking in certain areas. Being that my two older kids are in Jr. High, I wanted to make sure that I don't skip a beat with their schoolwork. With my eldest daughter, she loves to be organized and likes to be challenged. I felt (well I knew) that I wasn't challenging her enough. This would apply more to my two older children. Well, to make a long story short, we are now enrolled in a program where my children will have a schedule with their work, and can also see their progress online. It will keep them accountable, and will also keep us on top of everything. I'm so excited, and feel like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I don't feel stressed about this year, or the years coming. I know that God totally led us in this direction, and I know that He has our best interest at heart!!

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Anonymous said...

Of course you don't have a CBox! LOL! Love all the new pictures. I think that princess ball is a wonderful idea! Was that with church? How awesome to keep that father/daughter relationships there...sometimes they take some work once a little girl isn't so "daddy's girl" naturally. Veronica is looking so big. She is growing out of that toddler preschool look so much. She looks like a little girl now.

You guys go to Calvary Chapel don't you? Maryah (my middle child) is going to a Calvary Chapel school here in town starting in a week and I'm so excited to get to send her. ANYHOW. Totally off subject.

I can't believe it's still warm enough to swim over there. It's chilly here. Actually, in the low 80's today but after you freeze all night the warmth doesn't feel too warm. LOL! My dog leaves the door open all night. He opens it and doesn't close it.