Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

We've had such a great weekend! On Saturday morning, I picked up Eli's two friends (who are brothers) to spend the night at our place. They are moving back to the east coast next week, and I wanted them to spend some time together before they left. That night, myself and three friends took their mom out to dinner. It was nice to get out and have "girl time!" I'm going to miss Sara and her family!

Me & Sara

This is our official last day of "summer!!" I'm getting everything ready for our first day of school tomorrow, and I can't wait! Today, hubby & the kids are going to our friends house to go swimming while I stay home and get organized! I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet big time!

These are just a couple of random pictures from yesterday, after church. The girls and I spent the afternoon at my mom's while the boys went out to lunch!

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