Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls' Tea

My friend Mariela hosted a Girls Tea at her house last night. It was so awesome, and such a blessing not only for us, but to the girls. When I told her that my girls would probably never wear their dresses again (the ones they wore to the Princess Ball), she felt like she really wanted to do something for them so that they could wear it more than once. That's what prompted her to have the "Girls Tea." It was awesome! She printed out their own verses (speaking primarily of having a clean heart, and being pure), and she shared about what each of their verses meant. As soon as that was done, the girls were practically jumping out of their chairs to start dancing! It totally reminded me of the Princess Ball because they were just going W-I-L-D!! It was great!!! My friend Mariela loves to dance, so she couldn't figure out who had more fun..the girls or her!

Michele, Rebekah, Sara, Miranda, Naomi, Phylicia, & Veronica

Beautiful table setting

I made the brownies & strawberry cake (of course the fattening stuff)


We were their "servants" of the night. Me, Mariela, & Lianne
"Go 'head...get buzy..go 'head..get buzy.."

Pretty Princesses!!

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