Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun day out!

I had mentioned on a previous post that two of Eli's friends (who are brothers) are moving back to the East Coast (today actually). Last night they stayed in a hotel close to the airport and asked if Eli could come over and hang out with the boys for a couple of hours. Of course I said yes because who knows when they'll be able to see each other again. It was sad to say goodbye to them because their family is just wonderful! These boys are so genuinely sweet, caring, and respectful! They have such a loving nature to them! It was awesome because during the summer, the kids went to a convalescent home and one of the boys was sharing about the Lord to one of the patients. Well, this particular man ended up accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior! I know the Lord will continue to use these kids, and God willing we will be able to see them if we go to Virginia next year!

Isaiah, Eli, & Carman

My friend Mary asked if we wanted to come over today and have the kids go swimming. Miranda is really good friends with one of her daughters so I knew she would be excited to go! Oh man, when I'm with Mary, we just CRACKKKKKK UP!! If she reads this, she knows exactly what I'm talking about! She grilled some hot dogs, the kids swam & played, we had fun on Facebook, & just had a great time! Her two youngest daughters came home with us, and I'm taking them home tonight. The best part....her & I are going to the movies after I drop them off! Yoohoo!!

All the boys swimming

Miranda & Becca


Danny & Eli

All the kids

You go, girl!

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