Sunday, September 28, 2008


What a great, somewhat relaxing weekend we've had! There were no soccer games yesterday, so it was a very nice break! The only thing we had to do was take the kids to have their team and individual pictures done. It's super organized, so all the teams are in and out! When we got home, we just vegged..literally! It was one of those "movie" days! After we had dinner, we put on National Treasure and called it a night!

Church, was again a blessing today. We just LOVE our church family! Tonight there is a concert at our church. The Barlowgirls'! I didn't go though. I stayed home with my two youngest to get organized for school tomorrow. However, my hubby and my two older kids are there. Eli was invited to his friends church for Awana. Tonight's theme was "Bring A Friend." The friend who invited him is on his soccer team, and he & Eli are so alike, it's awesome! My sweetie pie is friends with someone just as sweet and sensitive like him!

We've been so busy with school, it's crazy! But, a good, organized crazy! I'm really getting the hang of everything, and just loving the structure!! I love being able to see their lessons planned out for them in advance! It takes so much of the pressure off of me! Total Godsend! There is still more curriculum coming, and I can't wait! I will post pictures of my new homeschool room once everything is set up!!

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