Monday, September 1, 2008

Worship till the AM!!!!

Since today is a holiday, the Worship Team decided to have a night of worship after the evening service last night. It's awesome seeing random people get up and sing to the Lord!! They were jammin' till the wee hours of the morning (1 a.m to be exact). Our friend Jay came out and brought his drum set, and it was off the hook!!!!!!

L to R-Leo, Gabe (hubby), David, Javier, & Rick

Veronica w/ Miss Jill (she has a BEAUTIFUL voice)

Mariela jammin w/ the worship team!

Me & Jay! We go back 26 years!!


Theresa said...

How fun!!!

Shauna said...

Hi Alicia!

I wanted to check out your blog - and see if you got my email! Check your junk mail if you havent recieved it yet! I look forward to hearing back from you!

ksmccallaghan at hotmail dot com