Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baking And More Baking

I love baking! It's so relaxing, and I just love blessing my family with a variety of treats! I bake often, so it's really nothing new to them. Even around the holidays, it feels like I have to think of more original things to make, however they do have their favorites! But, I do have to give credit where credit is due! All the recipes (except for the hidden kisses) are all from Sally's Baking Addiction, and also from her cookbook. Her recipes never fail! 

These could have been more red, but I ran out of red food coloring! These are Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies!
 photo E5068115-FAEC-480B-81B1-44ECB7E37AC4.jpg

I'm not exaggerating when I say that her peanut butter cookie recipe is by far the best one I have ever tried. They are thick and chewy! 
 photo B91AD8CF-0148-4A94-B5E1-8F2CBF27F0CF.jpg

These are Paula Deen's Hidden Kisses cookie, but Sally also has a recipe for these as well!
 photo 4144E7D4-BAE2-49D3-BCF8-B02F415A9516.jpg

This is the infamous Cake Batter Cookie!! So fun!
 photo 62E8244A-3FA2-4052-B141-4FD575CC24CE.jpg

My husbands favorite, by far, Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies.
 photo EFF1A41C-0CFD-4411-BFDE-E6AD61DD4A48.jpg

And another treat, Glazed Apple Crumb Muffins!
 photo 83B5469E-B040-4126-8490-4BD01BCF8A94.jpg

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Christmas Tradition?

This year we decided to let the kids open their gifts on Christmas Eve. This gave us all a chance to sleep in, and not worry about cleaning up all the mess in the morning. What a great idea! We had all day to do what we wanted to do, and not feel rushed at all.  

Since the weather was great, we planned a a hike at a park not too far from home. We haven't been there with the entire family in years, so it was nice for all of us to be there together! 

I had to force them to stop and take these pictures, but I'm glad I did! These memories will last a lifetime, plus the backgrounds were beautiful!
  photo 79428606-293C-4F22-802E-29EED97C4D0D.jpg
 photo 6C1109C8-75B4-4E1C-BD33-998A47737F11.jpg 
 photo 21C6EEAB-36F1-4605-AC9D-448857D9152A.jpg 

 photo 473F3425-24F2-489D-ACB9-E169E8CF9F0A.jpg

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I Did It! My First 10K!!

When I first committed to running back in July, I did so with an app on my phone (couchto5k). It  helps you to eventually complete a 5k without walking. I decided that was going to be my goal at the end of it. Little did I know that even after I was able to do that on my own, I would end up signing up for a 10K!!

I started running (long runs) with my best friend on early Saturday mornings, and I remember feeling in awe that I was able to run 4 miles. After our run one day, she told me that I was ready for a 10k! I was like, "Really????" That motivated me even more, and I totally took her advice on how much to run during the week leading up to the Turkey Trot!!

The week leading up to it I was a little nervous, but then I knew I wasn't going to be worried about my finish time. I just knew that I wasn't going to stop!!! Besides, this run is all about fun, and not very competitive (thank God)!!

It went by faster than I imagined, and the experience of it is something I will always cherish because this was my first time!!!! So, now my new goal is to improve on my pace, and to sign up for another 10k very soon!!!

All I know is that anyone can be a runner! I remember a few months ago when I could barely run a lap!! All it takes is dedication, heart, and determination!!!

Here we are getting ready to leave for the Turkey Trot!!
 photo FBD5D3CC-3698-421D-96BF-EBBA150B2B11.jpg

We got there a little early so we decided to get a bite to eat!
 photo 3b3c5eda-27e5-43e9-873b-bd3e63c1482a.png 

This totally hit the spot!
 photo 65720F27-2F3B-4613-AF00-0A63BD28AF8C.jpg

Here we are at the starting line!
 photo F7F93268-D0FD-49D7-9F72-CFA6ABE6D32B.jpg

More selfies before we get started!
  photo E0B0598B-F819-4C3C-BAA3-3EFD504D2F66.jpg

We just crossed the Finish Line!!
 photo 0B38AFE8-184C-42AF-85E8-40D8CB68F599.jpg

I love this one of us!!
 photo A298FE0F-3513-49FD-BC46-5B649877175F.jpg