Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Christmas Tradition?

This year we decided to let the kids open their gifts on Christmas Eve. This gave us all a chance to sleep in, and not worry about cleaning up all the mess in the morning. What a great idea! We had all day to do what we wanted to do, and not feel rushed at all.  

Since the weather was great, we planned a a hike at a park not too far from home. We haven't been there with the entire family in years, so it was nice for all of us to be there together! 

I had to force them to stop and take these pictures, but I'm glad I did! These memories will last a lifetime, plus the backgrounds were beautiful!
  photo 79428606-293C-4F22-802E-29EED97C4D0D.jpg
 photo 6C1109C8-75B4-4E1C-BD33-998A47737F11.jpg 
 photo 21C6EEAB-36F1-4605-AC9D-448857D9152A.jpg 

 photo 473F3425-24F2-489D-ACB9-E169E8CF9F0A.jpg

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