Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I Did It! My First 10K!!

When I first committed to running back in July, I did so with an app on my phone (couchto5k). It  helps you to eventually complete a 5k without walking. I decided that was going to be my goal at the end of it. Little did I know that even after I was able to do that on my own, I would end up signing up for a 10K!!

I started running (long runs) with my best friend on early Saturday mornings, and I remember feeling in awe that I was able to run 4 miles. After our run one day, she told me that I was ready for a 10k! I was like, "Really????" That motivated me even more, and I totally took her advice on how much to run during the week leading up to the Turkey Trot!!

The week leading up to it I was a little nervous, but then I knew I wasn't going to be worried about my finish time. I just knew that I wasn't going to stop!!! Besides, this run is all about fun, and not very competitive (thank God)!!

It went by faster than I imagined, and the experience of it is something I will always cherish because this was my first time!!!! So, now my new goal is to improve on my pace, and to sign up for another 10k very soon!!!

All I know is that anyone can be a runner! I remember a few months ago when I could barely run a lap!! All it takes is dedication, heart, and determination!!!

Here we are getting ready to leave for the Turkey Trot!!
 photo FBD5D3CC-3698-421D-96BF-EBBA150B2B11.jpg

We got there a little early so we decided to get a bite to eat!
 photo 3b3c5eda-27e5-43e9-873b-bd3e63c1482a.png 

This totally hit the spot!
 photo 65720F27-2F3B-4613-AF00-0A63BD28AF8C.jpg

Here we are at the starting line!
 photo F7F93268-D0FD-49D7-9F72-CFA6ABE6D32B.jpg

More selfies before we get started!
  photo E0B0598B-F819-4C3C-BAA3-3EFD504D2F66.jpg

We just crossed the Finish Line!!
 photo 0B38AFE8-184C-42AF-85E8-40D8CB68F599.jpg

I love this one of us!!
 photo A298FE0F-3513-49FD-BC46-5B649877175F.jpg

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Unknown said...

It's good to see you are still blogging my dear! I love you and am proud of you and I miss you :) Merry Christmas!