Friday, August 29, 2008

Park Day!!

Today was beautiful!! It was not as hot like how the last couple of days have been! I had plans to meet Carolyn and her beautiful babies at the park, so it was nice to get out and enjoy the sun (mostly shade). So, here are some random shots of all our kiddos!!

They are so adorable!!

Eli ALWAYS has to make a face!

Eli & Carolyn's baby boy!

Veronica and baby girl!
She's soooo cute and cuddly!


Don't hog up that cold water, Isaiah!

Miranda and baby!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh they're all beautiful!!! Isaiah is getting so tall! Alicia I didn't see any pics of you in there!!!!!!!! Carolyn's babies are sooo cute! How fun! :) I miss our times with Kelly and her family. :(
I just got word this week, another close friend of mine is moving out of state mid-September. Her husband just accepted a job in Wisconsin. :( This is the 3rd friend in almost a year! I keep trying to make friends and get close to someone, and they keep leaving. :(
It's wierd though, God just brought a couple back into our lives whom we haven't seen in 4 years or so. I think we may getting closely connected with them. They are looking for the same type of friendship. Anyhoo! Lovely pics! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I had such a good time with you and your kids yesterday! You are all too much fun, i love you.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from who knows where and LOVED the videos of your kids music. Esp. Isaiah...what awesome talent! All of your kiddos are gorgeous. =)