Friday, August 15, 2008

God's timing!!!

Tomorrow morning I'll be getting the results of Miranda's throat culture. I took her to the doctor this afternoon because this is the second day of her head/throat/ear throbbing. I thought it was "swimmers ear," but the doctor said her ears were perfectly fine. She did notice that her throat was red, and her glands were tender, so that is why she did a throat culture to see if she may have strep throat. She has a scrimmage game tomorrow morning, but I know that she needs to be home and rest. We have plans to go our friends for dinner, but if Miranda still feels bad, we might have to reschedule.

Tonight was the last night of VBS for my three little ones. I took pictures of them after they were done with their snacks. It was so cute because last week, one of the VBS leaders was teaching Eli how to play chess, and tonight he was teaching Veronica and Daniel. I'm really excited for the kids to start Awana there in a few weeks. It turns out that they are lacking volunteers (I can totally relate to that), so the lady who is in charge asked if I would like to help. You know, it's so funny because just when I thought I was going to have a "break" from Awana at our church, here God opens the door at this church for me to volunteer. So, we'll see!! God's timing is never our timing, that's for sure!!

My boys!

Veronica finishing her craft!



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