Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blessed birthday!!

I was so blessed last night! We ended up eating at my favorite restaurant in San Francisco! We went with four of our friends to The House Of Prime Rib!! It was their first time there, so it's always fun to see someone's expression when they take their first bite of that tender meat!! LOL. Our reservations were at 8, and we got there just in time! We had such a great time of eating and fellowshipping, we stayed there till after midnight! I was so pooped by the time I walked in the house! I was so blessed though, because even after my sis in law took my kids (plus Miranda's friend) to dinner and the movies, she still made time for her and the kids to make me a cake!!! I should have taken a picture right then and there, but I was just too tired to get it out! Thank God my daughter took a picture of it on her cell phone, but it was before they put the sprinkles and fresh cut strawberries on it. was a great way to end my late, late night!!!!

On my previous post, I said we were going to have a busy day today! My husband had to go to a soccer coaches clinic in the morning, so I was the one who had to drop the kids off to where they had to be. I'm just glad that all the places they had to be at were all within a few miles of each other. Eli was dropped off first at 10:30 for his friends b-day party, then it was the older kids turn to be dropped off at 11 for their Jr. High swim party with the youth group from our church. Finally, I had Veronica to drop off at her friends b-day party! So, four down, and I had one left with me...Daniel! I promised him I was going to take him to Target (again) to get something he was eye ballin' the last time we were there! So, after stopping at my sis in laws for a couple of hours, we headed over to Tarjay, and spent about an hour in there. Got home, put some laundry in, and my hubby went and picked up the kids when it was time! As soon as they got home (4:30'ish), they showered and headed off to the the last and final party of the day! I told my husband that I was going to stay home to have some "quiet" time, and that's what I did!! So, that was pretty much my day (as unproductive as it sounds)!!! I'm stuffed on pizza and ready to hit the hay!! "Happy Birthday To Me!!"

My cake before it was fully decorated!!

Hangin' at my sis in laws (notice the hot chocolate stain on his shirt)

He's happy he's found his toy!!

Janae & Miranda

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