Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I know it's Tuesday, but I actually did this tackle on Sunday! Since I was home with my daughter that morning because of her having strep throat, I figured that that would be the best time to clean up this area! I mentioned last week that my big tackle would be my homeschool area (sheves). I was so motivated that I forgot to take a picture before it was done! But, I'll try to explain how it looked "before" so you can kind of get a visual..lol. There used to be a big play house right in front of the shelves. It closed up, but sometimes they would leave it open. Do you see the toy boxes on the bottom? Those used to be in front of the shelves too, but just picture little pieces scattered around! Now, mind you, my kids would pick them up, but they would miss some of them! I did get rid of a big plastic bin that held some of their schoolwork from last year. My hubby put it on a shelf in the garage. I did throw away tons of misc. papers, drawings, junk, etc! I also organized the books as far as putting them the right side up! So, I'm so happy with it now, but I will have to take some of the curriculum out to make room for my new one!


Audra Krell said...

This looks fantastic, way to go! A very conducive area to learning. Have a blessed school year!

maria said...

That is so neat - I wish I can take photos of my shelves now. BUT they look like a tornado had just blown by.. he he. I am also starting a blogspot here and I am adding yours to my blogroll.

Drop by soon!
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Mommy said...

Great job! I need to clean off my shelves too; but everytime I do, it still looks like I could get rid of more.

I have such a hard time with getting rid of books and papers like that. It must be very freeing! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome job -- looks fabulous....very organized! Doesnt it feel good?