Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seasons change...

Our two oldest kids used to go to Awana at a different church from about 2001-2006. It was a great church with awesome Awana leaders! Around the time our home fellowship started, they no longer went because it fell on the same day (Friday evenings). Last year our church started the Awana Club, and it was a total blessing to have it there, and to be a part of that. It made me realize how much work goes into having a successful club, and how much we have to rely on the Holy Spirit. Without Him, the club would be fruitless. Unfortunately, our Awana club at our church is switching from Sunday evenings to Wednesday evenings. Since our family is committed to soccer from August to late November, I figured my kids wouldn't be involved in Awana this coming September. Well, that's what I get for leaning on my own understanding!! Point being, our home fellowship starts at 7, but everyone eats first, and then comes worship. By the time the bible study starts, it's about 8'ish. I have time to drop my kids off at Awana at 7:15 and by the time the bible study ends, I have more than enough time to pick them up at 9:45!! We caught the tail end of their VBS week tonight. Instead of having it for five days straight, they have it run the same as Awana (every Friday night). The kids had so much fun, they can't wait till next Friday (which will be the last day of VBS). Then, they will have a two week break before Awana starts. I'm so excited for them!!!

Eli, Danny, & Veronica. We were there way early!!

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love Eli's new haircut!