Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random pictures at the park...

Some of the kids and I were at Eli's soccer practice tonight, so I decided to snap some pictures of the kids with my cell phone. I wanted to take my regular camera to take some of Eli's practice, but I forgot to grab it on our way out. I think these came out pretty good!!!!

I love Eli's coaches! This is his 3rd year being on the same team. I think it's great that the same kids move up and stay together. The only difference is now that it is all boys. Once they start on an Under 10 team, the boys & girls have to separate.

This is Gabe's 6th year coaching Isaiah's team (which was originally Miranda's when she was 5 years old). It's neat to see these boys run up to my husband every year and hug and jump on him. I have to say though that he is a great coach and really enjoys doing this every season. He tells them from the get go that it's all about having fun and that's what's most important. The best thing so far is that we have become friends with some of the parents and have been able to share Jesus with them. One mom even got saved a couple of years ago!! So, we know God has an ultimate plan with this!

My sister-in-law was Gabe's assistant coach last year with Danny & Veronica's team, and since she had so much fun (lol), she decided to volunteer again. It's also a blessing for us because with all of them being on five different teams, it does help that she is able to be with the little ones since she coaches both Danny & Veronica's teams! Confused yet?

Miranda is still on the same team and let me say that her team rocks! They got 2nd place in the tournament last year, and that was her teams first year playing together. The team that they lost to had been together for three years. So...they have a good chance this time around!

I love this time of year though because it is just fast paced and fun!! It's crazy..but fun!!

Miranda hamming it up!

He was saying, "Hurry up, mom!!"


My girls!

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what great pics ----- when do you not take good pics!?!