Saturday, October 11, 2008


It was super windy yesterday, so my husband decided to bring one of our kites to Eli's soccer practice. Daniel had a BLAST flying the kite and I'm so happy my husband took pictures of him with his cell phone! I just love Daniel's smile, and this picture totally captures the moment he was in! He said Daniel kept running all over the place with it, and even a couple of teenagers asked if they could have a try. They told my husband they never flew a kite before! I couldn't believe it! I mean, who "hasn't" ever done that? Well, regardless, at least they got to share the fun with a six year old!

Can u see the kite string?



BeLoVed AiMeE said...

looks like he was having fun! I can't believe you were out flying kites yesterday in the sun and we were at the ice rink's supposed to snow tonight!!

Anonymous said...

That is one of the greatest joys in being a kid...I remember hoping the kite would lift me right off the ground. Once it even did!