Friday, October 31, 2008


The kids had a great time at the Harvest Festival at our church! Plus, Veronica was also excited to have two tables set up for her birthday! Oh my word, we were in Party City for two hours today!!!! I know, my bad, for trying to look for costumes the day of (lol), but the kids got what they wanted and they were happy! My two younger boys went as Prince Caspian and King Peter from Narnia, Miranda went as a "gangsta", and Veronica wanted to wear her Princess dress that she wore for the father daughter princess ball! I took video with my camera when they started to sing Happy Birthday to her. It is too cute! I really need a new camera though because it does not take good pictures at all when the lighting is dim..ugh!

King Peter & Princess Veronica
Prince Caspian & King Peter
Birthday Girl
One of the tables I decorated
The other table next to it
There's my other daughter behind the b-day girl


Heidi said...

They are adorable. And she does look like a princess in that dress.

He & Me + 3 said...

OH, I am so glad that she had such a great time. The tables look wonderful and she is just a precious princess. Glad your church fest was fun too. Cute costumes. If you get them last minute, noone can change their mind. We pick ours out so far ahead...they want to be something different every day until Oct. 31st.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to veronica! She is so pretty! I love here eyes :) Just out of curiosity, r u asian, since u mentioned that in your last post

Susie said...

Those are some great tables!! Way to go Mom:-)

Daphine said...

You kids are so beautiful...all of them! They looked precious in the costumes.

It looks like the birthday celebration was great! I enjoyed the video. You did good Mom putting it all together.