Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy List!

It's that time again, for "My Happy List," hosted by Dandelion Wishes!

I love this meme, because it helps put things in perspective for me.

Those little, annoying moments that may happen throughout the day seem so petty when I look at the big picture (so to speak).

So, here are a few things from the last couple of weeks that made/make me HAPPY!!

On Thursday evenings, the women's bible study at my church is going through the book of James. One word...CONVICTING! I love it, and I look forward to growing more in the Lord. No matter how many years you have been a Christian, you can never get enough of the bible. I love how the Lord is able to minister to us through His word!

Here's a picture of my hubby while we we were at Yogurtland. Just him and I! I love that our older kids can babysit their siblings!!!

My youngest son took this picture of my in-laws with my youngest daughter. My mil looks a little crazy in this picture, but I promise you she does not really look like this!! LOL

I gave my camera to my son (that's him on the far right), and my hubby took a picture of the kids (minus Veronica) while they went hiking last Saturday!

And look at that view!!

And finally, here's the view of me filling in for the Kindergarten teacher during their nap time! I just adore the little ones in this class!


Mrs. Lee said...

What not to be happy about? :). Thanks for sharing, Alicia!

You have been tagged!



Kenzie R. said...

What a great happy list! I can't wait til our oldest can babysit his younger sibs.
I have never heard of yogurtland, but it sounds like a delicious place!
Stopping by from Mamarazzi's link-up :D

Jolene said...

Great Happy List! Love the view you had. What a great picture!

chili pepper said...


I love this idea and hope to take part now that summer break is on.



Jennifer said...

James is my favorite book in the Bible! What a great happy list! :-)