Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tastebud Tuesday!

Okay..I know..what a cheesy title, right?

I was going to use "Tasty Tuesday," but it seems that it has been used many times before!

I don't know if I'll start another meme, but for now, I think I'll stick with it!

I do so many food posts, I might as well put them in one category!!

So, here goes another one!

Mine and my husbands second choice of Pho restaurants is one right by our house. Literally..two minutes away! I'm not too fond of the noodles at this place, so I usually opt for their rice dishes. My new fave is their bbq pork, served with white rice, and a fried egg. Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Eww..fried egg?" But, I kid you not..it is sooo good, and it adds so much to the dish! Honestly, I'm Filipino, and this is like totally normal!!! Trust me! Very tasty!


Ha..there's my husband in the background!

Anyway..I can't remember the name of his drink on the left, but, I want to brag on my NEW FAVORITE drink on the right! It's their mango shake, and IT IS THE BEST!! It's so fresh, perfectly sweet, and it is my go to drink for those hot days! And did I mention that this place is only two minutes away? Score!! Oh..and yes, I had to order a side of their egg rolls. So yummy, and better yet, this place will hardly make a dent in your pocketbook!!!


Susie said...

That looks AWESOME!

Kat said...

We love pho and will often pick it up after the kids go to bed and curl up for a late night dinner together in front of a video. We call it a home date. When I was expecting our Gussie, I got sick off of everything except the broth in the Pho. I lived on it for 12 weeks.

And crispy rolls... oh, yummy!



Erin said...

That looks fabulous (and the egg totally makes sense to me!)...