Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Does Not Taste Right!

Back in the day (meaning I only had two kids at the time), my husband would kindly go to Starbucks in the morning before he went to work, and bring me back my two favorites!

White Chocolate Mocha & a Maple Walnut Scone!

My eyes would barely be open, and he would be standing there by the bed with a coffee in one hand, and scone in the other. Those were the days, I tell ya!

One morning, I decided to eat the scone first, and then drink my coffee after. I noticed the coffee didn't taste quite right, but I thought it was a fluke. Helloooo..this was Starbucks!

Next day, same thing! Ate scone first, drank coffee second. Ewww..coffee still tasted weird!

Then, it FINALLY dawned on me. Maybe I should drink the coffee first, and not touch the scone till I was completely done with the coffee!

And that was it!!

For some reason, the sweetness of the scone totally messed up the flavor of the coffee, and for awhile there, I was thinking it was all Starbucks fault!

I'm glad I never made a complaint!

And, "back in the day," they didn't have the white drizzly thing on top!


Unknown said...

maybe it's the excitement of having these 2 good things. :)

Lauren said...

that's so funny that your scone messed up the great coffee taste! Looks delicious though!! :)

Susie said...

That is weird that the order you eat them would make that much of a difference!

Lyryn said...

Good man! That's looks ah-mazing!!!

Helene said...

Oh man, that looks SOOOOOO good!!! I'm practically licking my computer screen!!

I'm trying to find you on Words with Friends! I'm twinmomtwice!

Debbie said...

There's nothing like a good, warm scone.

Sawatzky family said...

Hahahaaa...that is too weird! Glad you got it all figured out though! And that looks soooooooo yummy!

Liz Mays said...

I'm just glad you didn't give up the scone, because that would have been wrong!

Happy said...

I think its so sweet your hubby went to Starbucks for you daily!!!

Kim said...

What a sweet guy your hubby is. The scone looks so yummy!

Jessica Heights said...

Mmmm, I think it would be worth it for that scone!

Marice said...

ehehehe been there done that heheh and that happens not only to Starbucks coffee :) i think we can't eat anything sweet at the same time..

btw, i agree, your hubby is sooo sweet!