Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Mini Living Room Makeover

I am by NO MEANS an interior decorator, nor would ever claim to be one! I just try to get ideas from all over the internet, and other people's blogs! It amazes me how creative people are! I totally don't have one ounce of a creative gene in me!

With that said...

We recently bought new living room couches because the ones we had were super uncomfortable. So much so, that we hardly sat on it. I know, weird!

My husband had his eye on these leather couches he saw at Costco a couple of months back, and had his mind made up that those were the ones he was going to buy. He has also wanted a recliner so he could claim it as "his chair." Ok, honey!!

I was glad that he did because they literally feel like you're sitting on the most comfortable bed! All you want to do is veg out, or fall asleep on them!

Of course, with the new couch, I had to buy a few new accessories. Nothing major, but I did score some great deals at Big Lots & Tarjay! 

For instance, I got the area rug at Big Lots! I believe it was under $40 for that! I love the little hint of blue in it, too!

I got the white pillow at Tarjay, and the beaded one at Big Lots!

The brown one pillow is from Big Lots, the mustard one from Tarjay, and the blue one from Wal Mart!

I love my lantern, too! Got that from BL!!

I also redid the shelf that is above the love seat. On the far left are candle holders, but I got the idea from someones blog to put those woven balls on them. I got all that, plus the cross from BL! The printed Subway Art I got from this blog! So easy to do!

A framed picture of my kids, and another "woodsy" item I got from BL as well!

Here's my husbands Archie Bunker recliner! It is sooo comfy!

And don't mind the white primer on the wall! My husband has to buy more paint for that!


Kelli W said...

Your new couches looks so comfy! My hubby wants a big recliner too, but we really don't have room for one with our sectional. Maybe one day he can have a man cave with a big chair:) I love all the pillows! You did an awesome job decorating...I love all the woodsy stuff!

Serendipityissweet said...

That looks so cozy. We're due for a new living room set too. I really like the one you picked out.

Susie said...

Your makeover looks great too! We must be on the same wavelength:-)