Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pho Saigon

My husband could eat Vietnamese food all day...everyday, if he could.

And not just the Pho (soup) that is so widely popular these days. There's so many other dishes to choose from. I personally prefer the ones with rice!

I know once he see's this, he's going to crave for it again!

Like sushi, we have our "go to" Vietnamese restaurant. The owners here are super friendly, and we come here so often, they already know my order!

We always start with the fresh spring rolls for an appetizer. The peanut sauce is so good! I need to find the recipe for this! 
 photo 20140816_161903_zpsab43d24a.jpg

My husbands favorite! Beef Pho.
 photo 20140816_162529_zps66ec8801.jpg

My favorite! Beef short ribs with egg fried rice! So bomb!!
 photo IMG_20140701_115003_zps5f677463.jpg

And we just discovered this dish (thanks to one of our sons). This is a pork chop, with shredded pork on the side, and an egg noodle cake, and fried egg!
 photo 20140816_162644_zps5c8499d5.jpg

This is their beef onion roll over vermicelli noodles. Oh my gosh. To die for!
 photo IMG_20140703_205915_zps6d23ebdd.jpg

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Unknown said...

My mouth is watering. So glad you're blogging again! I need to get some new posts up on mine.