Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Good Eats

When my husband and I were in SoCal this summer, we discovered Rita's Italian Ice!

Oh my goodness!! The custard!! To.Die.For.!

Little did we know that there was one only 30 minutes from home!! So, yes, we go there now, and it's perfectly located by a legit Mexican restaurant, El Metate Taqueria.

So, on another one of our day dates, we headed over there for lunch and dessert!

 photo E0974977-6A41-42B1-8948-3FE7E45346BE.jpg

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Cutest Cupcakes

I love watching Cupcake Wars! It was so cool to watch this one episode where one of the contestants lived not too far from me! Then, to see her win was amazing! I KNEW I had to visit her store!

I wish I took more pictures, but I was in a hurry!! 

You can see her front window where she proudly displays that she was the winner on Cupcake Wars!
 photo IMG_5004.jpg

 photo IMG_5006.jpg

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Sometimes it's good to turn off the TV, or put away the cell phones, and have some good ole' quality time with the kids!

Puzzles are so underrated these days. This was so fun (and sometimes frustrating) to do this with the kids, but totally worth it!

 photo 8237DE73-38C6-4285-88FA-90BAA9759905.jpg

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dim Sum

My husband took me to his favorite restaurant in the city to get Dim Sum. We came at the perfect time (when it first opened) because the place filled up fast!! It was so good!! Now I'm craving for it again!

 photo EA6B6FA5-776E-4997-8C77-80CA530AD265.jpg

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Me & My Guy

Even though I'm posting things that happened awhile back, it's my way of catching up with my blog, and journaling moments that are special.

This one is way back, January 2015, when my husband and I had another baycation in San Francisco. We started off with lunch at The Cliff House (which overlooks the beach), enjoyed the weather, and then headed to our hotel. There's nothing that compares to when we have this quality time together!

Beautiful day!
 photo A9436899-4294-4DC4-9D61-57E8B1FBC853.jpg

 photo 28A64F95-406E-46B0-A3C5-F497C7C80326.jpg

 photo 06BB0280-CD3C-48C0-81CB-A793CBC76716.jpg

I don't know why I didn't take a picture of our meal, but I remember having a huge burger, and my husband had cioppino. But, here are the appetizers that we started off with. Shrimp cocktail, and fried calamari.
 photo 948FF1C1-6D41-4FB2-B319-064FE2C4E2D0.jpg

Dessert is always a must! Creme Brulee for him, and fruit cobbler for me!
 photo 3592DA15-B55D-4B04-87F2-ED3758183B2C.jpg

I always love the views from our room!! I seriously never get tired of it! Majority of the time that we are in the city, we stay at Hotel NIkko.
 photo 1075406A-E651-4A26-8CDD-EC10883339A1.jpg

 photo CDD5F863-E828-4386-983A-E2C5157F5065.jpg

We found this cute coffee shop in The Mission called Tierra Mia Coffee, and we always stop here before we head home.
 photo 98ECA465-08C7-4B9B-A4ED-A22CAC2E0A6B.jpg

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Walker Stalker Con

My family and I are total Walking Dead fans!! I never thought I would get into this kind of show, but after watching the first couple of episodes, I was hooked!! 

So, can you imagine the excitement when we found out that we were going to Walker Stalker Con in San Francisco! Just knowing we were going to see some of the actors from that show face to face was unreal!

The kidos (minus one)!
 photo 6F41D10B-7D89-49F3-9C5B-3AD5657F9EA8.jpg

There were some interesting people in
 photo 554212F4-B2F8-4ADB-84F7-B4C16F355FEB.jpg

 photo 106FEA87-8364-4FF5-90DF-456EB8BFA381.jpg

The "Governor!!"
 photo 1c848855-3c5f-42f8-87b6-600dcc16948b.png

And just a collage of some of the other actors that we talked to!!
 photo A15428E4-94C3-4BEB-9B7D-B41A403BB752.jpg

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Traveling They Will Go

When my two older kids graduated from high school last year, their gift from my sis in-law was a trip to New York!

They were so excited to go (who wouldn't be), and I knew they would have so much fun!

Here they go! The drop off at the airport!
 photo 88ee9bf2-b258-47df-815b-4015e67773a0.png

In the air, their first official New York pizza, and face timing me from Times Square!
 photo 03a91bc6-8fec-4ae7-a371-efcc8cab58e1.png

They also visited Washington D.C.!

I was jealous when they sent me this picture!
 photo ce518863-2f27-48d3-a1b8-f6733ec401cc.png 

Go, Yankees!!!
 photo bb96ece1-8ae3-4fa8-ac80-3ae38c884c68.png

And they said this was delicious!
 photo 53ffe565-3020-42d2-a917-32fc397c33a0.png