Thursday, April 20, 2017

Last Day of Spring Break

On the last day of our kids spring break, we decided to take the kids to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the city, and then to Mount Davidson for a little sightseeing! 
My husband and I went there a few months ago, and it's just gorgeous! The trail is easy, it's green everywhere, and on a clear day, you can see the bay bridge! 
There was a scene from Dirty Harry filmed at this cross.
  photo 04c3813e-066c-4e13-83d4-e9989fc45b38.jpg
Of course, we had to take a picture in front of it! 
 photo 64259c5f-c1e3-4dc9-8f3b-4d43ec55f920.jpg
So green!!
 photo fbc838f8-deae-430c-ad0a-27d874dd3a13.jpg 
That view!
  photo 72933a75-792f-455a-a83f-ccd9ef90f155.jpg
My boys ready to shoot more footage!
 photo d4ec2724-f5f1-4e4e-bbae-bb9a56d9654f.jpg
More selies!
 photo f1f7eec5-aa60-4024-a389-4fd208dc7ead.jpg 

Another one...
 photo e7f71a74-25ef-4565-84b2-91ee7166b4c2.jpg

And one more!
 photo cfa8b699-a878-4fff-a11c-c9a9cd253670.jpg

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