Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sis Back In Town

Whenever my sister and her family are visiting, time just goes too fast. They have to split their time with our family here, and with her in-laws in SoCal. So, the time we do have with them is even more sentimental.

 photo c64c4cbe-886e-4932-bcdc-cee8d085cadb.jpg

 photo 2cd90bd8-5dff-46ef-a747-b3133d77c376.jpg
 photo 2061978f-8759-4313-8ebb-822558eff6a8.jpg

 photo dde527f2-8e5f-4cb8-b4ca-1ed2a1354b2d.jpg

 photo 76fcd46e-0a43-49a4-a909-c625175a5bb5.jpg

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