Friday, April 14, 2017

Old Friends Getting Together In Memory of A Friend!

A few weeks ago, we got the heartbreaking news that a friend from back in the day had passed away. We all lost touch with this person many years ago, and we all wish we knew he was sick because I know we would have found a way to get in touch with him. So, we all decided to get together in memory of him. It was amazing to catch up with all these people I haven't seen in years. Of course, we see each other on Facebook, but not the same as interacting in "real life." The blessing was that his sister was there to meet all of us, and hear all these great stories we had with her brother!! 

The token group picture!!!
 photo 0057a4de-f9a4-4ef1-9a87-eb73b9a6dcfe.jpg

We went back to our friends house for dessert, coffee, & karaoke!
 photo 01dbe60c-2ed3-446b-a839-7bc9c8421a8b.jpg

I was super stoked to see my long time friend!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo 84afb44a-30ec-4c16-981e-3cd55f0911bc.jpg

My sis, Lisa (her house) and me!
  photo 0ac53359-55dd-4a0f-8fbe-3ac372835d6b.jpg

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Karen Mortensen said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend. So glad you were able to get together with your other friends.