Monday, April 18, 2011

So You Think You Can Sing And Act?

Our school had their very first Jr. High play/musical, called "Pirate Island."

So much work has gone into this, and the teacher directing it was stressed out, even till the night of the play.

However, the kids pulled it off, and did AMAZING!

And guess what?

My two older kids had the lead parts!

Now, if you were to know my son in "real life," he is VERY mellow, and does not like to sing in front of people. He plays guitar, but there is always someone else doing vocals. So, for him to stand up there in front of at least 200+ people and sing, and act, you would be in shock! He has such a great voice!

My daughter LOVES to sing and act, so we weren't surprised she did so well. But, just like our son, she exceeded any expectation we would of had.

We're so proud of them, and this has really motivated them to do more plays in the future!

I just wish I took more pictures, but you can imagine how nervous I was, too!

Inside the booklet were pictures of the entire cast. There were also pictures of their practices, and a place for autographs.

Some of the pirates! My son on the far left. "Captain Peach!"

My daughter (who's role was a teacher), their teacher who directed the play, Peng (played a native), and my son, Isaiah (Captain Peach).

At the end, they presented their teacher with a bouquet of flowers, and do you know what she did?

She gave them to Miranda. 

So sweet!


Robyn said...

I bet you are a proud Mama, looks like a great time and what fun!

Jennifer Bowen said...

I know you're very proud your kids did such a great job with their roles. Must have been an amazing night for all of you. So sweet of the teacher to give your daughter her flowers. =)

Susie said...

I love the theatre! I can't wait until my youngest is old enough:-)

Lyryn said...

Oh yea, so glad it turned out GREAT! SO AWESOME! And your kids had the lead?!?! Fantastic! You must be such a pound momma!

Marice said...

Great job for your kiddos! Any videos to share?! Would love to see them :)