Thursday, September 22, 2011

"It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Ri..ite!"

My son had NO IDEA I was taping him with my cell phone. If he knew I put this on my blog, or on my Facebook page, I don't know if he'd ever forgive me.

I'll take that chance! 

Go Danny..Go Danny!


Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! love it!

XmasDolly said...

But he's so cute! It's amazing how these kids remember words to songs much less dancing at such an early age.

Susie said...

He is so cool:-)

Anita Johnson said...

At least he looks like he knows what he's doing! So fun! Me, on the other hand? A total dork! (-:

Liz Mays said...

Break it down, Danny. Love it!

The Farmer Files said...

So how are you such a sleuth? Ha ha.

Kimalita said...

Alicia!!! My friend! How are you sweet lady?

I saw you added me to twitter -- but guess what? I dont twitter -i only have an account so I can log into PINTEREST! Do you pinterest? I didnt find your name so Im assuming you dont. Check it out!

Here is my emai laddy so ew can keep in touch.

Your kids are so beautiful. Amazing.

Big hugs-- praying all is well your way.

Nicole Marie said...

OMG Danny! it takes two to make a thing go right!
Alicia he's getting so big!