Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Happy List

I totally forgot to do my "Happy List" last week, so I'm totally HAPPY that I remembered today!!

I'm so HAPPY that my son, Eli, is competing in a speech meet next month! I'm very proud of him! He's got The Gettysburg Address down pat!

I'm so HAPPY that all my kids ended the 3rd quarter with good grades!

I'm so HAPPY that I have I Heart Radio on my smartphone!

I'm so HAPPY that the weekdays goes by so quickly..which means it's that much closer to summer!

I'm so HAPPY with my new bathroom cabinet that my friend gave me for free!

I'm so HAPPY that the boy who is courting my daughter is a respectful, Godly, mature, and handsome young man!!

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Jessica Kramasz said...

What a wonderful list. I'm so glad to hear that its a wonderful young man who is courting your daughter - what a blessing.

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, thank God for the last one! I worry thinking about when my babies start dating - especially my girl! I pray only the good ones come around!!!